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If the Grammy Actress is Wearing False Mink Eyelashes in HRLashes

Remember the frenzy of the Grammy scene? I still remember the False mink Eyelashes especially for female stars. May be related to our production and sales of fake eyelashes. Regardless of the scene of the event, the most important thing besides the lipstick is the false eyelashes of the ladies.
Not much to say, let’s take a look at it. If you choose eyelashes in HRLashes, the most suitable false mink eyelashes for the Glamour beauty stars.

1.Lady Gaga VS DX004-1 extra long eyelashes  28mm Mink eyelashes

Stephanie Joanne Angelina Jermanota, Ms. Yu is an American singer, songwriter, music producer and actor. She is known for her challenging traditional and regular works as well as avant-garde visuals. Is an American singer, songwriter, music producer and actor. She is known for her challenging traditional and regular works as well as avant-garde visuals. This DX series of false eyelashes highlights her style of fashion and avant-garde. Zhang Yang is not lost.

2.H.E.R’s VS DM09-3 Mink eyelashes

If life is a movie Then you are the best part
H.E.R. is a mysterious stage name, taken “Having Everything Revealed”
IHER, formerly known as Gabriella Gabi Wilson, was born in 1997 and has a magnetic voice that is not quite the same age. However, it seems to be the same in Europe and America in recent years. The younger the age, the more mature the voice, like the previously recommended British singer. George Ezra, listening to the song, middle-aged uncle, who would think of a small Zhengtai… she insisted on anonymity, only using her music to represent her. DM09-3 Mink eyelashes. Mysterious and low-key yet playful. The design of this fake eyelash style makes her love of music and her low-key display very thorough.

3.Ariana Grande’s VS DH018-1 Mink eyelashes

Ariana Grande-Butera is an American singer, songwriter and actor. She is known for her very wide range. In the HRLashes, she matched her DH018-1Mink eyelashes in the DH false eyelashes series.
She starred in the power of Broadway musicals and the explosive power of her Dangerous Woman Tour. The DH018-1 Mink eyelashes penetrated just fine.

4.Brandi Carlile VS DH015-1 mink eyelashes

American folk singer and composer Brady Carlisle
Since 2005, Brandy Carly has created a acclaimed record with her generous voice and broad mind, winning loyal audiences including Barack Obama, Dolly Parton and Adele.
DH015-1 mink eyelashes The calm and dignified design matches Carlie’s attitude towards music. The lengthening and curling of the false eyelashes also brought a different kind of charm to her age.

Ok, I shared so much today. TThe one who  are watching blogs. Is there any other false eyelashes that I want to know? You are welcome to share and share with us in the comments section. if you wholesale 3D mink Eyelashes , add my whatsapp:+86 17561687023 .

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