How To Place An Mink Eyelash Order

For New Mink Eyelash ClientS

1. First, how to choose the mink eyelash you want?

First, know which style you want.We have too many sets of mink eyelash for you to choose from, but looking through the catalogue can be a waste of time.In a society where time is money, we are more inclined to let our customers tell us the eyelash information they want and recommend the most suitable eyelashes to them.This will save both parties a lot of time.

A. Choose the style you want.We have natural, three-dimensional, exaggerated, seductive, frivolous styles,and more styles.

B. Choose the material you want.After years of production and sales and customer feedback, we conclude that silk and mink fur are the two best materials for making eyelashes.Mink lashes was smoother and more three-dimensional, so it was easier to show female charm.Mink lashes is our main product.Silk lashes are softer and lighter, and it is easier to show women’s natural beauty after wearing.Silk lashes is our featured product.

C. Choose the desired length.Some people are suitable for long eyelashes, while others are suitable for short eyelashes. We have 11mm, 13mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm and 28mm eyelashes of different lengths, meeting the needs of most people.You need to choose the length you want, how to choose the right length for you?The answer is to try, and only by doing so can you know what length of eyelashes will suit you.If you are not familiar with the length, I suggest you choose our 16mm 3d mink lashes.This is a great eyelash for most women and is perfect as a start.

D.Certain lashes.Our sales personnel are very professional.After you tell us what eyelash features you want, our sales personnel will send you pictures or catalogues of products suitable for your reference.If you have any questions, please ask our sales personnel. They will try their best to help you.When you have determined the product you want, you can send us the product number and proceed to the next step.

2.Place order

There is no minimum order quantity (MOQ)for our products. We can send 1 pair of eyelashes and 1 box.Confirm the quantity and style number you want, and I will make a contract for you as the proof of our transaction.

3. Payment.

After confirming that there are no any problems with the contract.Choose the payment method suitable for you, I will send our account to you, and  payment.Please inform us immediately after payment, so that we can arrange production and delivery.

Clients who has bought from another supplier

Tell me the catalogue you want and send it to you for your choice.

Tell me the product number and specific requirements you want (Support customization), and I will send you the ‘PI’ confirmation.

After confirmation, you will pay, and then inform us that you have paid.

We usually ship the goods within 1-7 days after the payment, and the delivery time will be changed according to the style and quantity

Our regular Clients

Note: we will not send bills by PayPal in the future. We can only send “PI” for confirmation.



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