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HRLashes is not only the Professional manufacturer of false eyelashes but Also the High Quality Eyelashes Adhesive Supplier.The false eyelash glue was introduced to help our Mink eyelashes customers save time looking for quality false eyelash glue suppliers. After a long test by our team, this non-irritating latex-free false eyelash glue was finally launched. The customer’s recognition of the quality of our false eyelashes also trusts our fake eyelash glue. Our founding of the false eyelashes export business department is to create the most professional one-stop quality service wholesale supplier in China! Every requirement of the customer is realized by the cooperation of our team. The needs of our customers are the mission of our company’s development. Mission must be reached!

MSDS Certification

HRLashes’s eyelashes glue is a qualified minkeyelash adhesive.Latex-free, non-irritating, natural adhesive that can be used on sensitive skin. Divided into 5ml and 10ml according to capacity. The color is white transparent and black. You can choose to order according to your needs.

Custom Eyelashes Glue with Logo on

Wholesale Custom Logo on Lashes Glue is a business launched to meet the needs of customers’ false eyelash business development. As the false eyelash brand, you can choose the packaging method that suits you according to your own false eyelash brand. There are three customary methods for customizing false eyelash marks.

1.Custom eyelash glue Sticker  

Clear mink eyelash glue Logo Sticker

2.Custom Paper boxes for eyelash glue

Eyelashes glue Pen Wholesale

Eyelashes adhensive Pen Wholesale

eyelash glue
10 milliliter glue

3.Custom printed label

How to use false eyelash adhesive correctly

Proper use of false eyelash adhesives not only extends the life of false eyelashes. It also allows us to be more comfortable during the daily wearing of false eyelashes.The correct use of eyelash glue first understands the composition and principle of the glue, the bonding of the object is achieved by the tension between the polymer in the glue.

In the glue water, water is the carrier of the medium polymer, and the water carrying the polymer body is slowly immersed in the tissue of the object. When the water in the glue disappears, the polymer in the glue relies on the mutual pulling force to tightly bond the two objects together.
In the use of glue, too much glue will cause the polymer in the glue to crowd together, and there is no good tensile force between the polymers. At the same time, the moisture between the polymers is not easily volatilized.
This is why the thicker the film, the worse the bonding effectiveness of the glue during the bonding process. If the amount of glue is too much, the glue will play a role of “filling” instead of bonding.

The bonding between the objects is not the glue of the glue, but the “cohesion” of the glue.
Therefore, the amount of eyelash glue should not be applied too much during use, and after the application, it must be dried for a while. The colored black and white glue needs to be glued to the eye after the glue becomes translucent, so that the adhesion is more Strong.