Private Custom Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer

Professional Team Custom Length For Mink Eyelashes

Professional False Eyelash Manufacturer_HR Lashes .We Have Professional Team of False Eyelash Designers.With decades of experience in the production of false eyelashes. Do you need custom eyelashes for yourself? We can customize the production of eyelash length for you. No matter where you are. We can all make a private order for you. I believe that our custom-made 3D Mink eyelashes can bring you the supreme honor of the royal family. For details on Private Custom Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer,please contact Catherine By email: WhatsApp: 008617561687023

Professional Custom Mink Eyelashes Process

  1. Provide the false eyelashes design or the clear picture you need to customize.
  2. Confirm the order details with our company’s false eyelashes product manager
  3. Confirm the order payment and start to produce the design custom Mink eyelashes.
  4. Mink eyelashes be ship out via DHL Express.
  5. You will received Eyelashes after Three Days.
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About Eyelashes Business,HR Lashes always understands what you want, as you wish.We always put the needs of our customers first, as an important reference standard for the development of our company’s production. The demand for false eyelashes is the demand of the global false eyelash market. We are committed to building the world’s best-selling and most recognized Mink eyelashes production service provider! High-quality false eyelashes can win the word-of-mouth of more customers. The raw materials for making false eyelashes are never chemically treated! Our company has done this for more than a decade. Constant self-revolution and continuous innovation! Once led the global trend of false eyelashes! Please join us as a business partner for false eyelashes. I believe that our false eyelashes will definitely bring you a more direction tomorrow for your and your eyelashes career!

Professional and strict raw material screening for custom mink eyelashes

We use the longest hairs on the tail of the otter. The peaks are very long, the peaks are not cut off, and there is no hair. The false eyelashes made are very fluffy and natural. Other cheaper styles are the short hairs of the leeches, and many of the hair tips are broken, and some of the hair follicles and the hair tips are mixed together and look very unnatural. The quality of the finished product is clear at a glance.

custom mink eyelashes Cruelty Free Non-chemically treated

Private Custom Mink Eyelashes Manufacturers that are generally supplied are all chemically processed to make the eyelashes more warp, which is the so-called nitric acid which is used for shaping. If you burn your hair, do you still remember the taste? That’s right, that’s what it tastes sour! If you think about it again, do you have a chemical smell on your eyelashes? This is what nitric acid! The eyelashes we use are intimate contact with the skin. If our skin and chemical potions are in contact for a long time, you should know what will happen, which is terrible!

However, the curl of our eyelashes is heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment, through temperature control, and our eyelashes have no odor. We can confidently say that only one of us in the world has this technology. Box technology is also our core competitiveness, we all have environmental certificates.