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What is most important in getting along with clients in the false eyelash business?

What is most important in getting along with clients in the false eyelash business?

I think it’s sincerity.

    The founder of our False Eyelash Division has always been adhering to the idea of ​​acting with the truth and moving the world with sincerity. Sincerity is the highest wisdom. Today’s blog, I want to share with you the sincerity I understand in the process of communicating with false eyelashes.

    Coincidentally. I read an article written by a teacher this morning. The main theme of the article is exactly the same as the sincerity of our founders. The general content of the article is to introduce a trade long-distance trade between a foreign trade practitioner and a client. He called himself a Chinese version of his client. What kind of ideas can maintain ten years of trade cooperation with customers? This is a question we need to ask ourselves repeatedly during the practice of false eyelashes.

What is most important for our false eyelash customers?

Today, I have a new understanding of this issue.

Sincerity is always the first.

Don’t look at your professionalism about false eyelashes for the time being. Being sincere with the customer is always in the first place.

Because only with the most sincere you can give customers a high recognition and trust. In the future cooperation process, we can better coordinate with customers to complete the established work schedule.

Sincerity must be sent from the heart, not the sincerity played to complete the false eyelash performance.

It is necessary to stand in the customer’s point of view and put yourself in the right position. Can not unilaterally only tend to our false eyelash company. It is a bridge between the company and its customers, making every false eyelash business unique.

For example, when you communicate with customers, you need to check the order details email. Don’t rush to rush customers. Instead, it is euphemistic to explain to the customer. You can be busy with your own work, but when you check your email, feel free to contact me. Always let yourself think about it. If you are a fake eyelash client, we would like to work with a false eyelash supplier.

When we are in the process of practicing the false eyelash industry, we slowly imagine ourselves as false eyelash customers, then maybe the customers we meet in the future are another.

Whether or not you are engaged in a business related to false eyelashes. How are you maintaining the relationship with your customers while reading the blog?

You are welcome to share with us in the comment area. We will select the 5 most exciting sharing and send us two pairs of the latest 25mm false eyelashes. Maybe you are the luckiest reader. Contact our whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023 .

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How to improve aesthetics | Design aesthetic color card sharing|Color for the false eyelashes packaging boxes

Hey This is HRLashes. After completing the day’s work on false eyelashes , let us talk about custom false eyelashes packaging boxes , I want to share with you the color matching of a set of fake eyelashes. Give your eyes a relax. Regardless of whether you are in the false eyelash industry, I hope this blog will help you.



Deep Coffee

Deep Chestnut


Light Steel Blue

Light Gray

Olive Green

Rosy Brown


Light Steel Blue

Steel Blue


Light Gray


Sandy Brown


Dark Brown



Dark Slate Gray


Dark Sea Green



Hot Pink



Midnight Blue


Light Coral

Rosy Brown

Slate Gray

Midnight Blue


Lemon Chiffon

Dark Orange

Saddle Brown



Deep Sky Blue

Light Sky Blue

Light Steel Blue

Dark Sea Green



Dark Teal

Light Cade Blue

Light Sea Green


Light Steel Blue

Pale Turquoise

Light Gray

Dark Cyan


Light Gray

Dark Turquoise

Light Cyan

Papaya Whip


Light Steel Blue





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About the false eyelashes packaging box color , I will share it here ,Different colors convey different feelings,  Contact me to get more high-end lashes and  packages information, Add my whatsapp :+ 86 175 6168 7023 .

Eyelashes Packaging Boxes

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How to use photos to show false eyelashes at multiple angles

False eyelashes become the most part of daily make up .How to take false eyelashes photos ?

And many student start their own eyelash line with privite label.

Because the false eyelashes are beyond their tolerance, the picture display of the product is especially important to them.

How to use photos to show false eyelashes at multiple angles?

Let’s discuss then.

  1. Positive display

This part is a preview of the overall effect of false eyelashes.The curvature of the eyeliner and the layering of the false eyelash material are well displayed.

  1. Side display

This section shows the curl of the false eyelashes. Mao Feng’s layering. Through this picture we can imagine how to bring fake eyelashes.

3.Vertical symmetry

We can take false eyelashes photos like this, These photos shows the curling of the false eyelashes more intuitively.

4.False eyelash’s Boxes

That’s an Optional part.If your client who wants to establish their own eyelash business,This part is useful I think .

Different product positioning, you can recommend different packaging boxes for customers. We do not make a detailed statement in this blog. The blog about the fake eyelash packaging box will be updated later, and it will continue to pay attention to us.

Do you have any other suggestions about the shooting of false eyelashes? You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area to communicate with us.Contact us Whatsapp:+0086 175 6168 7023 .

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What TikTok’s Explosion Could Mean For 3D Mink Eyelash Marketing ?

Where do you usually buy 3D mink eyelashes?The supermarket?Beauty store shopping website?Maybe you’ve also bought beauty products from YouTube.Today we’re going to talk about tik tok. 3D Mink Eyelash Marketing Tik Tok  is  very popular, It’s really a Magic mobile APP. This APP ushered in another new retail era, with tiktok’s ability to carry goods comparable to YouTube.

If you plan to start selling on tik tok, you can follow our homepage regularly and share and explain tik tok operation skills from time to time.
OK now let’s talk about tik tok.

According to sensor Tower store intelligence data, short video social platform Tik Tok and its overseas edition TikTok added 188 million users in the first quarter of 2019,70% more than the 110 million new users in the first quarter of 2018.

TikTok, which includes overseas versions of TikTok, ranked no. 3 on the global download list of Apple Store and Google Play in the first quarter, the same as in the fourth quarter of last year,Just behind Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger.In addition, about 13.2 million U.S. users installed TikTok for the first time In the first quarter,Up 181 percent from 4.7 million in the same period last year.

So far, Sensor Tower data shows that TikTok and TikTok have been installed more than 1.1 billion times in the global App Store and Google Play,And the cumulative revenue from the in – app purchases has reached $80.

Why does he have so much in-app income?Each video has it’s own story with music.

Each video has it’s own story with music. In tik tok, for example, 3D Mink Eyelash Marketing Tik Tok , you can see the process of model fitting, product demonstration and product loss of video update.The complete experience of purchasing products will make you feel the change brought by false eyelashes more vividly when watching video.
Times are developing and science and technology are advancing.The buying behavior and habits of customers are changing with The Times.

How has Tiktok changed your life?
Let us share with others in the comments section !Quickly add our whatsapp:+86 175 6168 7023 .

Daily encouragement:
Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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Factors influencing the price of HRlashes’ eyelashes

In our conversations with new clients, there is always the problem of complaining that our eyelashes are too expensive.This is the question everyone wants to ask, what are the factors influencing the price of HRlashes’ eyelashes ? Everyone wants to buy high-quality eyelashes at a lower price.So, I’m going to write a blog about the factors that affect the pricing of our lashes.So that clients can more intuitive understanding of the price positioning.

It is a fact that the price of HRlashes’ eyelashes is higher than that of most eyelashes in the lashes wholesale market.But why do we set this price instead of 1 dollar per pair?This needs to be explained from the company , the factory and the product.


       1.Market positioning.

We have been targeting the high-grade eyelash market since our inception.Specializing in high-end eyelashes, exclusive sales of high-end eyelashes.We don’t make inferior lashes, and every pair of eyelashes is the best in the high-end market.The products of other lashes manufacturers can’t compare with us on the same price.

      2.Company location.

We are located in Qingdao, the most developed city in shandong province of China, in the largest business district of Qingdao.The cost of property, water and electricity, rent and other expenses are very high, which leads to the high operating cost of the company.

      3. Staff quality.

Our company’s eyelash sales staff are international economics and trade or English major graduates of undergraduate, have good education, very professional.Per capita base wages are high, resulting in high labor costs.


  1. Quality of workers.

Each of our lashe workers must undergo six months of training and selection, and only those who can truly convey the designer’s design concept from the drawing to eyelashes can truly stay and become employees.The long training time and high elimination rate also affect the cost.

  1. Production materials.

Our raw materials are the best in the world.Both mink hair, silk, glue and eyeliner are top of the line and well-known suppliers.This guarantees the absolute quality of our products, which is an important reason why we can stand in the high-end eyelashes market.

  1. The freight

We have cooperated with many international couriers. In order to reduce the transportation cost of customers, our current express fee is the discount price of our partners after a 30% discount of the original price.It’s very low in the lashes industry.

Product characteristics

  1. Eyelashes process

Every pair of eyelashes can only be completed after 24 procedures, and 24 manual tests and 2 check by machine.

The production of a pair of eyelashes takes about 1.2-2.5 hours from start to finish, and each process is filled with the sweat and dedication of the workers.Clients get the eyelashes are works of art made with our souls.

  1. Waste disposal

All of our unqualified eyelashes that have quality problems and workers’ improper operation result in the products not passing the inspection are considered as waste products.Mink fur and silk will not be reused.This also leads to some waste and increased production costs during production.But it also guarantees the perfect quality of each product.

      3. Product features

A.Our eyelashes are completely waterproof, washable and perfectly serviceable on rainy days.Different concerns about deformation, hair loss and other problems.

B.Our eyelashes have a service life of 25-30 times and can be reused.Low-end eyelash can use 1-2 times to be able to appear drop wool, be out of shape wait for a problem, become cannot use.

C.Our eyelashes use the most advanced technology in the world to perfectly retain the top of mink hair, making it smoother and more beautiful.This is something that 99% of the world’s eyelash manufacturers and vonders cannot do, and this is the most obvious feature of our lashes.


WhatsApp:+86 17561687023

Instagram :Cannes Lashes Catheirne

Facebook :Cannes Lashes Catherine

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How to place the first eyelashes order with HRlashes

I’m glad to you have time to read this blog of how to place the first eyelashes order with HRlashes.

As an Eyelash Vender and Manufacturer, we have to deal with a lot of inquiries and customer questions every day.Besides, most customers are just Starting Own Eyelash Line and don’t know how to order products from us.Never even touched international trade.How to place the first eyelashes order with Hrlashes ? As a result, both of us need to spend a lot of time discussing this issue.Which wastes the valuable time of customers and reduces the work efficiency of our sales staff.

Help customers save time and improve our work efficiency.These are the two reasons why I write this blog, I hope it can help you, and welcome to discuss with me.

1. Define your market position

This is a very key point for the new person who just Begin The Eyelash Business.Our company specialized in High-end Eyelashes and some Middle-end Eyelashes.Low-grade lashes like the $1 per pair we don’t have.Tell me what price you want, Whether you need eyelashes, Lashes Glue, Eyelash Boxes and Tweezers.

2. Choose your favorite style of eyelashes

We have many kinds of Eyelashes for you to choose from.Sending a catalog directly to a customer which will waste a lot of time  and may not be able to determine what eyelashes clients like.We have a variety of styles that suit the needs of most women.Natural, comfortable, light,3D, noble, exaggerated, dense, sexy, seductive, and many different styles.

2.Or choose your favorite material

After 9 years of development and improvement, we finally decided to use Silk and Mink Fur as our main Eyelash Materials. These are the only two eyelashes available. The price of silk lashes is relatively lower. but the quality and workmanship are the same.

When our sales staff know the material and style you like, they will recommend the product catalog or pictures that best meet your requirements.Help you decide which type of eyelashes you want, then tell the sales staff the quantity and eyelash number you want.

3. Determine the packaging

For a newcomer, the cost of Customized Packaging is very high.Our company has specially customized a batch of packaging with high customer recognition for customers to choose.The price is only half of the customized package.You can also Customize Logo sticker to fit on the plastic base of your eyelashes.The cost is usually only $10, which is a good deal.

4. Determine freight fee

We use International express to deliver the lashes to the customer.Transportation generally recommend using DHL ,because their service is door-to-door.By DHL, it is not easy to lose the goods, and the transportation is fast.Usually only needs 3-5 working days.All you have to do is tell our salesman your shipping address and you can get the specific shipping cost.

5. Determine costs

After knowing all the above information, our lashes sales staff will send the total expense bill to you for confirmation.

6. Payment

Payment can be made after our Lashes sale representatives send you the sales contract for confirmation.We currently support Paypal, T/T and Western union.Choose the way you like.

Payment Details:

Payment can be made by Paypal

Remark as Pay for Catherine Kao

You also can make the payment by West Union:

The First Name:Yuanju The Family Name:Gao The City:Qingdao


We will deliver the goods after the customer pays according to the actual situation.Different products, different quantity, delivery time is different.

RTS eyelashes are 1 day.

Sample of lashes are usually 1-7 days.

These contents are just my own summary.I hope to be of practical help to you.If you like, visit my website

Or contact me to discuss it with me in the following ways when you feel free.

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Why choose RTS eyelashes from HRlashes as a distributor

From an economic point of view, it refers to the Distributor who acquire the ownership of goods in trade.The distributor is Profit-oriented and has the right to decide price and ownership, which is a crucial part of the product sales.Distributors mainly include dealers, wholesalers and retailers, etc.,  which is the largest group of customers that our company cooperates with.The development of our company, and even the world economy has played a huge role in promoting.


are our most important partners, and your progress is the driving force for our development.Only when customers keep growing and expanding, and cooperate with us for a long time. Based on our continued cooperation ,we will get more opportunities of business to develop and grow.

In fact,

we are a Whole, like a sea ship.We are a solid ship, you are the captain,crew.But only you guide us to sail, can brave the wind and waves, thousands of miles of voyage.

Without the captain and the guidance of the crew, the ships could only stop in the harbor.


a strong hull and advanced equipment can carry the crew further.We are constantly innovating and strengthening our own strength to help our partners go further.RTS eyelashes is a module for distributors.It features more than 50 different styles of eyelashes ,with different lengths.We select each type of RTS eyelashes carefully, which has the highest sales volume in recent months. Many styles can meet the needs of most dealers.The stock of each eyelash is more than 1000 pairs, and a single order within 250 pairs can be shipped within 24 hours.It’sfeature : fast,fast,fast.


RTS eyelashes can save about 3-15 days, which may be the key for distributors to win the market and gain profits.In the 21st century, when the cost of time is extremely high, time is profit and wealth.RTS products are the most important step in the company’s strategy this year, providing purchasing orientation and convenience for many distributors and other customers.

Personally, I think this is also one of the important directions, for the development of eyelash market in the future.

Don’t wait, contact me quickly Whatsapp:+0086 175 6168 7023 .

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Why do we insist on developing Luxury Strip eyelashes?

To produce high-quality 3D MINK LASHES, the selected workers should be conscientious, careful, patient, unified management and unified thinking. The basic qualities of these workers should be very high. Every eyelash hair is put up according to the design requirements. Only when the workers have these high qualities, can the EYELASHES effect be guaranteed. And these good workers must pay the corresponding high salary .

High quality MINK LASHES KIT ensure the consistency of the goods and samples. Mink eyelash Customers do not need to inspect the goods after each receipt. They sell directly, saving a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

High quality EYELASH VENDOR ensure that every pair of products is perfect, on the contrary, low price products have some good products, some defective products, seemingly low price,When removal of defective products, high quality eyelashes are more economical!

In order to win orders, the suppliers on the market are quoted to customers at low prices, and the poor quality workers are used to make the mink lashes. The mink eyelash samples look good, but they can not guarantee the consistency of the bulk goods with the samples. Many customers were cheated!

High-quality WHOLESALE MINK LASHES also have very high requirements for designers. They study different eye shapes, different temperaments and different makeup every day. They design eyelashes according to these trends. We also need to pay high salaries to these senior designers to stimulate their design enthusiasm.

Bad designers do not have ideas, only imitate, and imitation is popular after the product has been out of date to start to imitate, which for customers missed the best business opportunities, the best sales time.

MINK LASHES WHOLESALE with high price and high quality make your eyelashes look more real, natural and full of confidence. Confident people will bring you good mood, good mood brings good luck!

On the contrary, poor quality eyelashes look unnatural, leaving your makeup low. Affect the quality of life badly!

High price, high quality MINK LASHES wear without eye-catching feeling, no sense of pressure, so that you can blossom all day without worries!  Wearing low quality products, staring at your eyelashes and weight, make you worry about doing things all the time. You can not concentrate to do things well!

High-quality products, the corresponding price is also high, high-quality mink lashes strip can be used 20-25 times, the actual cost is only $0.2 per time,

And poor-quality wholesale mink eyelash only use once and twice, each time need to spend $1, two dollars. Products with high quality are expensive when they buy them, but actually they are cheap to use.

Therefore, we should support the progressive people and support the high quality MINK EYELASH VENDOR !

Lashes Clients Show


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Why haven’t you succeeded on your eyelash business?

                           Why haven’t you succeeded on your eyelash business?

Eyelash business has low barriers, low cost, no customs restrictions, Express delivery is very convenient. Thousands of people rush to this industry every day. Every day many people open Ali website to start eyelash business…. On social platforms also have A lot of people started the eyelash business… there are so many people do eyelash business, but only a few people do well, why is your eyelash business not successful? Dear customer, have you reflected on it?

Doing things blindly only leads to ruin. Some people just know the others who do 3d eyelashes business earn money,have profits, then blindly choose to do eyelash business,and thought that  can make money by getting the goods. Because it is not professional,and don’t know how to distinguish lashes’s stand or fall, which kind of eyelashes can be chosen, so it is easy to choose cheap lashes. The cheap lashes are all rubbish, made by cheap workers. The quality of the products is really poor, and on the market no one recognize them, so lead to large inventory.

About Supplies:

Because they don’t know about the suppliers, in order to get orders,some suppliers show customers pictures of the most popular styles eyelashes, quote high price, in fact the quality of bulk order is different from samples,Or the quality of the varies. Eyelashes are handmade products, the experienced workers in the market are very expensive, and the products are available for sale. Pure handmade products are integrated with some characteristics of enterprises and individuals, and the 3D false eyelash cannot be imitated. This leads to the picture and bulk order of middleman are different.the middlemen’s reputation is lost! So lose the market!

About middlemen:

Most of the middlemen have never been in the eyelash business, because they have not done business in this area, they don’t know about 3d mink eyelashes market , consumer mentality and consumption habits. and the supplier only pays attention to the immediate interests. They can’t give better advice to the customers from the market level, market strategy ,As a result, the middleman cannot communicate with the final consumer smoothly.When consumers have problems, the middleman cannot make a quick and correct choice and give consumers a reasonable explanation, and quickly and effectively solve the problem,this leads to the loss of market opportunities for middlemen

Products and reputation have not left a good impression in the minds of consumers. Even if you get good products and don’t have the right sales ideas, your eyelash business is hard to make!

Dear customer, nothing can be simply successful。 With good products, good platform, good marketing strategy, sales ideas that suitable for product , good suppliers who can help you solve problems,Only those who do their work painstakingly can succeed some day.

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How To Start Your Own Lash Line?

If you are just starting your eyelash line, it is especially important for you to choose the suitable eyelash vendors. Eyelashes are fast-moving products, and everyone has a high sensitivity to new and high quality products.

At the beginning of your eyelash line, if you choose the price and neglect the quality, the only result is to end the favorite eyelash line at a loss. Have you ever studied the good eyelash business, all of which are based on quality? If you want to do eyelash line, you must start with the best-selling, best-quality ones. . . .


How To Start Your Own Eyelash Line?



We are The most professional manufacturer of false eyelashes, we have met many and many such customers, and really make you believe that we are right.Every day, many old eyelashes customers place orders.

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Every kind of mink eyelashes you can try, and make decision later.They are both called 3D mink eyelashes, but the eyelash Raw materials quality is very different.

And many mink eyelashes customers directly come to us according to our brand, many of our customers are introduced by old customers.

I believe that you will not recommend the eyelashes with poor quality to your friends,Right ?

Please think about Why do all those expensive cosmetics sell so well, Cheap ones, free to give you dare not want.

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