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Your false eyelashes are too expensive.


Your false eyelashes are too expensive. This may be one of the most frequently asked questions in our communication with our customers. And I usually tell customers clearly. We only do high-end false eyelashes. The positioning of our false eyelashes is also only the high-end false eyelash market.

We always do our best to keep prices as low as possible without sacrificing qualitity and we are constantly investigating new methods of quality improvement , I think the development of the false eyelash market cannot be measured by price.

Is there any false eyelashes in this world that are completely worthless?

There are also. Just as some customers will ask us to help him find low-cost sources.

I usually tell her clearly. As long as you can accept the following terms, we can provide you with false eyelashes of such value.

Styles are not guaranteed to pick. Quality issues are not guaranteed.

No return. Customers in your market complain about their own solutions.

In the end, the customer said that he would try our high-end series of false eyelashes.

The reason is that he considered it. In the face of these problems and the cost price of false eyelashes,

he would rather choose to pay more for the fake eyelash market that he is not willing to see.

Obviously, the insistence of our false eyelash factory was right.

There is no high-volume production of low-cost false eyelashes that are not guaranteed in the same way as most false eyelash factories.

So we have locked in a part of our false eyelash customers.
We are also growing up with our customers to grow their false eyelashes market together.

The stable supply of our factory is the most powerful guarantee for them to open up the market.

I also wish you are reading the blog, everything goes well!You are welcome to communicate with us in the comment area to see if you have encountered the problem of false eyelash quality.

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