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Wispy Half lashes Corner Lashes

Hrlashes is Wispy half lashes vendors and Wispy Natural Faux Mink Lashes  factory , Also Hrlashes have launched  best magnetic lashes  wholesale and 3D faux mink lashes wholesale.

What are Wispy half lashes Corner lashes ?

Half lashes is strip lashes , Compared with regular full strip eyelashes, The band of half lashes is shorter, usually only half of ordinary full strip eyelashes

Half lashes are the perfect way to add effortless glamour to your makeup look. These half false lashes are worn on the outer corner of your eye, adding a subtle finish compared to a full strip lash. These wispy half lashes suit all eye shapes, are easy to apply, and still add something special to your look, we just can’t get enough ! If you use half lashes , It is easy to apply , of course it is safe and comfortable .

Half lashes although have different styles , best natural false eyelashes ,  at present , we have five styles in promotion ,they are best cheap lashes, the half lashes material is silk lashes , if you order , we can ship ASAP ,  I suggest you can pick our half sample lashes pack including 5styles half lashes and suitable for lashes beginners ,

The following are our half lashes corner lashes  promotional styles.

Cute lashes Corner half lashes discount

Corner lashes wholesale promotion

Why Use  Half Lashes Faux Mink  Innovative Hrlashes ?

Corner / half eyelashes are perfect for those who love to wear falsies or just love a good bit of volume on their eyes. This is used more so to enhance their natural eyelashes and for some it is much easier to apply. This type of lash is subtle yet gives the look many desire. But the best thing is, Our half lashes are on sale, and it is very favorable. The payment will be delivered on the same day.



How to Apply Corner Lashes Half Lashes?

 how do I apply corner lashes half lashes ? Well it’s pretty simple! It’s pretty much the same as apply your regular false eyelashes, but this time you apply them to the outer side of your eye.That is ok ,

Such a favorable Wispy half lashes corner lashes, cost-effective, hurry up and contact us to order them , Please add Catherine Whatsapp.