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Why the same style of Mink eyelashes are not exactly the same ?

Recently, false eyelash distributors reported that the quality of mink eyelashes they received was very good but the same styles would be a little different. They don’t know how to explain this phenomenon to their eyelash clients.

Honey, you don’t need to worry at all. Each false eyelash of HRLASHES is a unique work of art. What you need to know is that the raw material of true Mink Lashes is vegetarian natural mink hair without cruel harm. Animal hair is spiritual, and the diameter of each mink hair is slightly different. Unlike synthetic eyelashes, the thickness and beauty of chemical fiber eyelashes are fixed. We require craftsmen of wholesale mink lashes to place mink fur raw material thickness when adjusting to Mink Lashes. The beauty and design focus of each false eyelash are the same. But even so, due to the different thickness and growth cycle of mink hair, the thickness of the finished Mink eyelashes will be slightly different. But this does not affect the wear and beauty at all. Each pair of mink eyelashes is still perfect!

HRLASHES’s mink Lashes are hand-made beauty products. Eyelashes that look very inconspicuous, each pair of eyelashes is completed through 21 purely manual processes. Our false eyelashes workers are strictly trained and skilled craftsmen. Only in this way can each lashes be restored to the greatest extent. The consistency of each mink eyelash can be controlled to the greatest extent.

No pair of mink eyelashes is exactly the same. This is also the charm of handmade false eyelashes!

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