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Why is the HRlashes bulk mink lashes similar to the samples lashes 98%?

As we all know, the hand-made bulk mink lashes are slightly different from the mink samples. This is because the raw materials come from natural mink hair. The thickness of the mink hair varies from batch to batch. Even if we ask the workers to put the same amount of mink hair in the design, it looks The effect is slightly different,

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However, HRLASHES can make the bulk mink lashes are similar to samples reach 98%. Tell you a secret!

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One.  Screening and processing of raw materials

After receiving the raw materials, we will require workers to select mink hair according to the diameter of the raw material, and adjust the amount of mink hair placed to ensure that the similarity of the final mink false eyelash sample reaches or exceeds 98%.

Two. Excellent craftsman made patiently and meticulously

In addition, HRLASHES has carefully cultivated and selected workers. Each group of workers has undergone long-term training, patience and meticulousness, and maintains regular communication with designers so that they can understand aesthetics and design concepts. After a period of time, workers will be evaluated and promoted.

Three. Pay more salaries to enhance the enthusiasm of craftsmen

We pay more to experienced workers to improve their living standards to ensure that they can concentrate on making 3D mink lashes, and we pay more sales staff to ensure that they can be patient and solve customer inquiries and patience in a timely manner demand.

Four. Philosophy, mission and sense of responsibility, prompt us to do better

Integrity is our mission, we will pay more to raw material suppliers to ensure that they will provide us with the best raw materials,

We are sincere to our partners to ensure that they have profit and stable support, promote 3D mink eyelashes to the world, and bring beauty to everyone.

Even in the case of serious new crown virus, we still adhere to integrity and help customers control costs.

Of course, we will make every effort to save other expenses that should not be used. We should pay the expenses, of course, we do not hesitate to pay, we can save the expenses, we will try our best to save. To ensure that our company can accompany and support customers for a longer period of time and provide better services!

With the development of society, the cost of all aspects is increasing. During the new coronavirus, we will control the price.

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