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Why is Hrlashes your first choice for vegan eyelash suppliers ?

Why is Hrlashes your first choice for vegan eyelash suppliers ? because we have integrated superb technology from the processing of eyelash raw materials to every step of production, and the art of soul.

High-quality vegan eyelashes means more usages and high utilization rate of each pair of eyelashes. Doesn’t this indirectly reduce your repurchase cost? In addition to providing high-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to look everywhere, we provide you with Other support.

Eyelash glue Inferior eyelash glue can destroy high-quality eyelashes, so high-quality eyelashes are inseparable from high-quality eyelash glue. Our eyelash glue is exclusively developed. It has no odor, uniform color, waterproof and firm adhesion, and is comfortable to use.

Eyelash tweezers, eyelash brush: can be customized, and accept private label logo, you do not need to spend more time to search, our one-stop order, save your time and shipping costs.

The eyelash packaging is customized with exquisite high-end eyelashes, and then put into the exquisite eyelash packaging box, which not only protects the eyelashes well, but also helps you attract more customers, and can help you increase the sales price. The people you like are willing to buy and buy Willingly.

Custom eyelash boxes, printed with your own logo, can also indirectly help you promote your personal brand and increase visibility.

Eyelash customization Our design team has high-end ideas, keeps up with fashion and makeup trends, according to different periods, different people’s ideas, different pursuits of beauty, natural, conservative, open, bold … Combined with your eye shape and skin color, the eyelashes designed to fit your style through the golden ratio will more accurately highlight your unique charm and personality.

Hot style recommendation For you new to the eyelash industry, which one is the best-selling and which type of eyelashes do your customers like? There is no market research, but we can help you with the most sincere advice and guidance. Uncommon in simplicity, glamour in nature, one-stop service, one-stop purchase, we are different, you are different.  That’s why HRLASHES is your first vegan eyelash suppliers ,Welcome to follow me who can bring you more value, contact me:

whatsapp: +0086 175 6168 7023.

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