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Why is false eyelashes the first choice for your business ?

—-during the New Crown Virus

Hrlashes said that the false eyelashes business is small in investment, small in risk, high in profit, not affected by taxation, not affected by economy, and not affected by policies between countries. It belongs to the lipstick economy. When people stay at home because of the new crown virus, it is the first choice to start the eyelashes business.

What is the lipstick economy?

Lipstick economy is the “lipstick effect” derived from overseas descriptions of certain consumption phenomena. Whenever the economy is sluggish, people’s consumption will switch to buying cheap goods. Although lipstick is not a necessity of life, it has the function of both cheapness and whitewashing, and can bring psychological comfort to consumers.

Under the economic crisis, consumers’ shopping psychology and consumption behavior have changed, and ordinary consumers have become masters of bargaining.

The economic crisis has led to the sale of cheap cosmetics and cultural products such as lipsticks. The “lipstick effect” economic theory first proposed during the Great Depression of the United States in the 1930s.

The “lipstick effect” only reflects the current consumer mentality, and creates certain possibilities for the popularity of cultural products. For cultural and entertainment consumer products, in addition to the “lipstick effect”, “content is king, service is supreme” is the iron that has never changed. When the economy is sluggish, the pressure of life will increase, and a heavy life will always require relaxing things to relax yourself, and businesses that are not expensive in the entertainment market will be better operated. Welcome to contact me , Whatsapp: +0086 175 6168 7023.

The development of e-commerce social media is based on a large number of people gathered in front of mobile phones, TV and other media, and this epidemic is tantamount to accelerating the development of social media. False eyelashes can be called small products, which is very suitable for social media communication , So this is a good opportunity, “crisis crisis, there are opportunities in the crisis” I believe you will certainly grasp the opportunity to achieve rapid business development.

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