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Why is 20mm 3D mink eyelashes our best-selling eyelashes series ?

Thank you for your attention. In the last blog, I introduced that since the design of long 25mm 3D mink eyelashes,  it is very popular, but the eyelash customer group is wide, each customer has a different personality, and some customers feel that 25mm eyelashes are too long Too eye-catching, with glasses will poke the glasses, relatively speaking, 20mm 3D mink eyelashes can really avoid this problem, 20MM 3D mink eyelashes wear a wide customer base, regardless of race or skin color, for most people with deep eyes For people, it is the most suitable choice, which is why 20MM eyelashes are our best-selling eyelashes series.

The world is so colorful, there are no exactly the same faces, no exactly the same eyes, some people have deep eyes, wearing 3D mink Eyelashes with a length of 13-16 mm is a little short for them, and it cannot better show their personal charm. . Our eyelash design team has studied more than 20,000 faces of different races and different skin colors, and designed 20MM eyelashes according to their different shapes of eyes. The length of the 20mm eyelash series is 18mm~22mm. At that time, we launched the 20mm mink eyelashes , A large number of eyelash vendor have found us to order.

This series shows our natural beauty, moderate length, natural wearing, and soft and comfortable eyelashes. This is the customer’s demand, and it is also our purpose to develop and produce eyelashes.

   Currently, HR Mink Eyelash Supplier is China’s largest, most reliable and innovative mink eyelash manufacturer. We use the most sensitive sense of smell to capture the needs of the eyelash market and innovate mink eyelash products at the fastest speed.

Not only that, we also provide customers with a variety of fine mink eyelash packaging and mink eyelash accessories, we pursue personalized charm display,

We also welcome creative mink eyelash customers, and boldly put forward your ideas and suggestions. Meeting customer needs is our mission. Please let us go forward, purchase high-end mink 20MM eyelashes, and contact me quickly, Our Whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023 .

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