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Why do many customers want to buy false eyelashes disappeared after the inquiry?

Have you encountered the same problem when customers want to buy false eyelashes ? The customer will not contact you after consulting with you. You may not get a reply if you send him a message or continue to contact her.
With this in mind, we had a discussion this morning.
Analyzed the problems that occurred during the communication with different false eyelash customers.

1. The price of false eyelashes is too expensive
This issue is the most common problem encountered in recent customer communications.
So the price of false eyelashes is really the most important question in the process of purchasing false eyelashes?
In fact, think about it carefully, the false eyelashes on the market, the quality is not the same, the price is almost the same. Did you miss a good supplier because of a few dollars? Regarding the choice of false eyelash suppliers, we have mentioned them in the previous blogs. If you are interested, you can look at the blog selected by the fake eyelash supplier.

We want to pass on the value of more products to our customers, instead of only focusing on the price of the products, and guide customers to have a better understanding of the advantages and characteristics of the products

2. Quality issues
Before customers want to buy false eyelashes ,Most of the false eyelash customers who are entangled in this problem have ever set low quality eyelashes from less professional false eyelash suppliers. We will provide samples to our customers to test the quality of our products. Similarly, our large goods and samples are completely handmade false eyelashes from factory craftsmen. Sincerity is our standard of practice. In good faith for sincerity.

3. Sample express shipping
Why do we choose DHL to ship to customers?
Because of his timeliness. Relatively safe in transit. Especially suitable for our customers who have high requirements for timeliness. For false eyelashes, the shipping cost is less than 20 pairs. We usually advise customers to pick a few more as a reference.

Have you encountered the same or similar problems in your career in false eyelashes?
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