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Why do 3D mink eyelashes have a lasting buying trend?

What is 3D mink eyelashes? ?

3D means “three-dimensional”, that is, something with a width, height, depth, or length. As far as 3D eyelashes are concerned, these eyelashes have a certain “layered” or three-dimensional effect. The length of the eyelashes varies, mixing long eyelashes and short eyelashes to loosen the roots of the eyelashes, which has a 3D “three-dimensional” effect and a more fluffy appearance. These eyelashes are not flat on the strap like ordinary eyelashes, but are fuller, more natural, and more attractive, making your eyes bigger and more attractive.That is unique about 3D mink eyelashes .

it is very important to seize opportunities in market trends.

Inspired by nature and inspired by production innovation, we are prompted to use different curves to modify the lashes of each hair. This is the origin of natural 3D mink design. Later, after thousands of tests, 3D MINK LASHES was created to create shiny and beautiful eyelashes! The launch of 3D mink eyelash is unstoppable!

The hair is collected during the season when the mink animal hair naturally falls off and is collected by the farmer; these mink hairs are sterilized to ensure their hypoallergenicity. This app is completely cruel. Unlike synthetic eyelashes, our 100% natural mink does not contain any chemical treatments and dyes, and can exhibit an extremely soft, lightweight and natural appearance. We pay attention to every detail of eyelash production.

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