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Why choose RTS eyelashes from HRlashes as a distributor

From an economic point of view, it refers to the Distributor who acquire the ownership of goods in trade.The distributor is Profit-oriented and has the right to decide price and ownership, which is a crucial part of the product sales.Distributors mainly include dealers, wholesalers and retailers, etc.,  which is the largest group of customers that our company cooperates with.The development of our company, and even the world economy has played a huge role in promoting.


are our most important partners, and your progress is the driving force for our development.Only when customers keep growing and expanding, and cooperate with us for a long time. Based on our continued cooperation ,we will get more opportunities of business to develop and grow.

In fact,

we are a Whole, like a sea ship.We are a solid ship, you are the captain,crew.But only you guide us to sail, can brave the wind and waves, thousands of miles of voyage.

Without the captain and the guidance of the crew, the ships could only stop in the harbor.


a strong hull and advanced equipment can carry the crew further.We are constantly innovating and strengthening our own strength to help our partners go further.RTS eyelashes is a module for distributors.It features more than 50 different styles of eyelashes ,with different lengths.We select each type of RTS eyelashes carefully, which has the highest sales volume in recent months. Many styles can meet the needs of most dealers.The stock of each eyelash is more than 1000 pairs, and a single order within 250 pairs can be shipped within 24 hours.It’sfeature : fast,fast,fast.


RTS eyelashes can save about 3-15 days, which may be the key for distributors to win the market and gain profits.In the 21st century, when the cost of time is extremely high, time is profit and wealth.RTS products are the most important step in the company’s strategy this year, providing purchasing orientation and convenience for many distributors and other customers.

Personally, I think this is also one of the important directions, for the development of eyelash market in the future.

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