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Why can’t we wholesale cheap eyelash ? –3D high-end eyelash supplier

Wholesale Cheap eyelash beware of quality traps

Before you buy eyelashes in large quantities, you may have purchased eyelashes samples, and are satisfied with the purchased samples, but have you considered it?Why can’t we wholesale cheap eyelash? The quality of eyelashes purchased for the first time may not be the same as those purchased in bulk.

    Each pair of eyelashes, the simple style is made of more than 500pcs hairs, the thick style can be made with more than 1000pcs hairs, such a beautiful pair of eyelashes, the cost of the hair used in the production may double, you have considered ? The style of the eyelash samples you buy may be very different from the eyelashes you buy in bulk.

You try to get cheap eyelashes through various searches and communication, and you feel that you have made money and are satisfied, but in fact you are losing money. Are the eyelash bandages soft? Have you heard the voices of consumers? Different materials and treated eyelash straps have different softness levels. Consumers wear them. Some eyelashes are very hard and uncomfortable. He will directly throw off his eyelashes or complain about quality problems. Maybe he will not buy it again.

In the process of making eyelashes, every procedure has strict inspection. Every inspection may pick out defective eyelashes, and the selected eyelashes will be invalid. If there is no strict inspection system, you are likely to buy Defective eyelashes, eyelashes are asymmetrical, because the price is low, you can only compress costs, and some suppliers will not pick out defective products and sell them together with genuine products.

Do you have sharp eyelashes? Eyelashes without hair tips look fake.

The eyelashes you buy smell like chemicals. It smells like perm and is carcinogenic.

What quality glue do you use for eyelashes? Due to the use of low-cost eyelash glue, the glue has an odor. The glue contains silica gel. Inferior glue will cause the hair on the eyelashes to fall off.

Are the products you purchased handmade? Is it adding semi-automatic machine manufacturing? The machine can do more than 100 pairs a day. Our workers can only make 10 pairs by hand every day. The output is different, can the quality be the same? Can the efficiency cost and quality cost of 10 pairs and 100 pairs per day be directly proportional?

Newcomers who have just started to do eyelashes business . Please do not wholesale cheap eyelash, When you don’t understand it, find a stable and 3D high-quality eyelash supplier to help your eyelashes. Don’t hesitate to contact us whatsapp:+ 86 175 6168 7023 .