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Why can’t we make eyelashes at your target price?

Recently, many new customers have ordered our eyelash samples, and after comparing with the eyelashes of other manufacturers, we like our style most. Why can’t we make eyelashes at your target price?

When placing large orders, give their target price, hoping to order according to their target price, but the quality is made with reference to the quality of the sample. As our mission with high-quality eyelashes, we use low-end prices to do high-quality We can’t make eyelashes.

Production costs determine our price positioning

Dear customer, do you know? Our mink eyelashes are handmade, in order to make the product you like, and to make the product comfortable to wear, we from the cost of raw materials, the cost of designers, the cost of training workers, the cost of quality control, the cost of quality of sales staff It is the lowest and most competitive price given after careful calculation. Our production cost determines our price.

Your target price is based on your own budget, not based on product quality. The price is not calculated from a professional perspective. We can certainly understand that after all, you have not experienced the entire process of eyelash production.

What we can guarantee is that the price of the same product is the lowest, and the quality of the product of the same price is the highest.

High-quality eyelashes, occupy the market, attract more customer groups, win-win cooperation and common development

We are your collaborators. In the Internet era, prices are very transparent. Our goal is to allow all consumers to experience the most beautiful and luxurious. Let all middlemen who work with us make money.

The price of our mink hair products is a little higher than your target price, but the price contains a lot of value styles, quality, service, etc. that you can’t see. We don’t want to provide some inferior ones in order to get your order. The product.

Wise decision It is recommended not to buy bad similar products

Dear friend, if your budget is limited, but you still want to sell our products, I suggest that you reduce the number of purchases per purchase according to your budget. Our factory has a small amount of stock for eyelashes, which can satisfy your order and ship as soon as possible To alleviate your economic pressure and wait for your capital to turn around, then slowly increase the amount.

Let me give you an example. I hope you can understand that there are various practices in the furniture industry. The outer packaging is the same, but there are solid wood and semi-solid wood inside. You can change the material according to your target price. However, the appearance looks the same, but the formaldehyde released during use is completely different, and your health will be greatly affected.

So I hope you understand us why we can’t make eyelashes at your target price. If your target price is too high, it will not work, because you lose market competitiveness, and your target price will not be too low, and the product quality will decline.

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