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Why 25MM mink eyelashes are so popular ?

The length of the eyelashes varies from 10mm below, 13-16mm, 16-18mm, 18-22mm, 25mm, and 28-30mm, of which 25mm eyelashes have not been In two years, it was widely loved by eyelash users, and it is still being followed. Why are 25mm mink eyelashes so popular?

25mm eyelash design meets the personality traits of Americans and Europeans

Most Americans use exaggerated makeup to express their personalities and show their personal charm. Our design team has concentrated on exploring and studying fashion trends and people’s psychological needs. This eyelash designed to meet the needs of the market and consumers is just displayed. Open, confident and stylish personality charm.

The length of 25mm eyelashes is longer, wearing more elegant and charming

Because the length is longer, the technical workers have higher requirements when swinging their hair. One accidental shaking may need to be repeated. This increases the difficulty of the hand-made process. Because the 25mm mink eyelashes are longer, it is more obvious to show different styles. Unique, some people’s eyes are deep, and they expect their eyes to look darker and brighter, but the effect of wearing short eyelashes is not very obvious, while wearing long eyelashes, the face is more three-dimensional, and the eyes are more prominent and shiny ,

25mm mink eyelashes are more curled and more luxurious

Due to the long length of 25mm, the curling is more obvious when handling curl in the production process. The eyes look more beautiful and bright after wearing delicate eyelashes. If you are not only the wearer, but also the eyelash vendor , It can help you to open up the market more quickly and attract more customers, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and contact me to order. High-end eyelashes will help your eyelashes develop better. Don’t wait , Contact me quickly whatsapp: +0086 175 6168 7023 .