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New Arrival 100 % Vegan Mink eyelashes

Vegan mink eyelash

HRLashes is the Best wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor.Provide all Kinds of Mink Eyelashes.13mm Natural Look Lashes,16mm Eyelashes,20mm Mink Eyelashes,25mm False Eyelashes,28mm Lashes.As the Professional Eyelashes Factory|Eyelash manufacturer ,Our Lashes Designer can Custom All Kinds of Eyelashes for you.

100% Vegan Faux Mink eyelashes-VEL03

100% Vegan Faux Mink eyelashes-VEL06

100% Vegan Faux Mink eyelashes-VEL09

Wholesale Vegan Mink Eyelash Made from a special raw material.Looks Natural and Soft.All our mink lashes are curlety free. We use the hair of natural mink. It can only be used after high temperature heat treatment.

Why Vegan Mink Eyelashes are most popular these years ?Because More and more People Recognize the importance of living in harmony with nature.This is exactly what HRLashes insists on. Keep up with the trend of the global false eyelash market. Discovering new sales of eyelashes opportunities will make your false eyelashes business develop greatly!

This Kind Of False eyelashes made from special raw materials can meet the needs of customers of different beliefs and cultures.

Some eyelashes customer think wearTrue Mink eyelashes is Harm to mink.But it’s Really Not.All Style Lashes in the process are Crulety Free.If You Are a Vegetarians with different religions. We We suggest you purchase this 100% Vegan Faxu Mink Eyelashes which is Made from special False Eyelashes raw materials.

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