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Wholesale Mink eyelashes from professional eyelash vendors |Manufacturing manufacturer with Custom Packaging boxes

How to wholesale mink eyelashes from eyelash vendors ?How to start your eyelash business with your own label eyelash packaging box?

Hrlashes made high-quality lashes and custom packaging box , you see the lashes are very fluffy ,curling , very cute .

Diy Eyelash Packaging Box Manufacturer Wholesale Custom Mink Eyelash Vendors Lash Packaging Ideas

20mm Wholesale Luxury Mink eyelash Curl thick natural three-dimensional DM series mink eyelash ,20MM 3D mink eyelashes wear a wide customer base, regardless of race or skin color, for most people with deep eyes For people, it is the most suitable choice, Our eyelash design team has studied more than 20,000 faces of different races and different skin colors, and designed 20MM eyelashes according to their different shapes of eyes. The length of the 20mm eyelash series is 18mm~22mm.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale Vendors Empty Eyelash Packaging Box Diy Design Ideas

packaging boxes samples only cost $1 False eyelashes are the best choice for the season!Ready to ship.Meet a variety of label customization needs.Take the time to contact us !Let’s make the business bigger and stronger together! Meet yourself better! Keep on keeping faith and strength!Welcome to contact my whatsapp:+86 175 6168 7023 .

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