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Wholesale Luxury Eyelash Packaging Box

Who are we? We are HR Lashes.which one is Focus on the production and sales of high quality false eyelashes. We can custom eyelash Packaging Boxes.

We are happy to help every baby make their false eyelashes bigger and stronger.

Feel free to join us!

Today I will continue to share about custom eyelash packaging boxes.

Eyelash book Contains 16 different styles of false eyelashes.

It can be placed in the eyelash display area for quicker comparison of eyelash styles.



Black Star Flash Paper 4 Pairs of fake eyelashes box.This is a magnet Lash box with a mirror embedded inside the cover for easy daily use.





The Last one is an iridescent 5-pair Custom Lashes box.

This box contains 3D series Mink eyelashes, DB series extra long eyelashes and DH series false eyelashes.

A variety of choices, different combinations every day.














Ok, let’s share it today. Goodbye next blog. 

The customized eyelashes packaging box can meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, it is also a tangible brand propagandist. The box carries your personal brand and logo. If you still want to know about cosmetics related topics, you are welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

We will give you a targeted explanation.


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