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Wholesale eyelash packaging box -We are Lashes packaging box Vendor

Who are we? We are HR Lashes which  is Focusing on the production and sales of high quality false eyelashes for 15 years .We are happy to help every baby make their false eyelashes bigger and stronger. we are happy to  be a famous eyelash packaging box vendor .

Feel free to join us!

Today I wanna sharing some Special custom eyelash packaging boxes.

According to the shape of the eyelash box, it can be divided into round lashes box, square lashes box, rectangular lashes box, triangular lashes box, diamond lashes box, hexagonal eyelashes box,  special-shaped lashes box, and a variety of eyelash box styles, with windows, with handles, and There are more and more new and unique eyelash cases with corner protectors, feathers, folios, and drawers. Now we are selling the hot mini eyelashes suitcases , which are very popular.

On the eyelash box, according to each customer’s design concept and morals, different logos are printed, on the one hand, the promotion of the brand, on the other hand, make the eyelash box look beautiful and exquisite, have a beautiful eyelash box, promote customers to buy eyelashes Ideas, we meet the needs of different customers, and customize them individually. Custom eyelashes packaging , contact us whatsapp : + 86 175 6168 7023 .

Pink gold window eyelash box.The exterior relief pattern is blended with traditional Chinese cultural elements. With a gold interior, it’s incredibly stylish.

Black lizard square Lash box. Unique lizard pattern with a gold border. The logo can be stamped with gold. 8*8 size, specially designed for 25mm Lashes

White gold special paper open window magnet eyelash box.

The thicker special paper craft makes the design of the whole Lash boxes more fashionable. The logo can be chosen to be bronzing at the top.

Additional information can be printed on the back.

As a famous eyelash packaging box vendor ,Please rest assured to give us the purchase of your eyelash box, we will not let you down