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Wholesale 3D Faux mink eyelashes

Wholesale 3D Faux mink eyelashes Wholesale Fake Eyelashes, Wholesale False Eyelashes.

Hot-selling 3D faux Vegan lashes,cheap eyelashes wholesale,

3D faux mink eyelashes 3D false eyelashes 3D faux vegan lashes , hot selling! Have you chosen? We are a professional manufacturer of 3D faux mink eyelashes, with 15 years of experience in eyelash production,we do 3D faux eyelashes wholesale . Our high-end quality false eyelashes allows you to buy with confidence, use it happily, and wear it more beautifully.

At present, Hrlashes has launched two series of 3D faux mink eyelashes, all handmade, one series is 3DS Silk eyelashes, the other series is 3D DW series Wand eyelashes.

The first series is 3D Silk eyelashes with various styles and a long time in the market. There are many buyers and they are popular. Some customers don’t like animal hair. They prefer pure Vegan eyelashes, especially those from the Middle East and Arabs. Our company’s 3D Silk eyelashes, due to their high quality and novel styles, have gone to large supermarkets all over the world.

faux Mink Lashes 3d
3d faux mink lashes

The second series is 3D Wand eyelashes DW. Good news, good news. The wand eyelashes are newly developed by our company Jessie Sun. The raw material is bamboo fibrin. After special environmental treatment, it is used as the raw material for making  wand eyelashes. Currently, only Our company produces and develops a total of 15 styles . Once they are launched on the market, they are very popular. The wand eyelashes are highly sought after by customers for their unique softness, naturalness, and elegance. Whether you are an eyelash user or an eyelash retailer, the wand eyelashes It is your best choice. Every hair has a bend and is full of spirituality, conveying the exquisite technique and full of love of the handmade eyelash craftsmen.

If you are engaged in the eyelash business, hurry up and choose wand eyelashes. The opportunity is here, and the opportunity to overtake in the curve is here. Maybe you have not been in the eyelash business for a long time, but in this ever-changing era, your wise choice is your market Sensitive and quick response, a unique product is believed to help you create miracles in sales. A large number of users who love 3D false eyelashes will follow you.

You are welcome to order, don’t miss the opportunity! Contact me Whatsapp: + 86 175 6168 7023.

3D Faux Mink Eyelashes

3D Wand Eyelashes Vegan