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Our eyelash styles are constantly updated
We have a number of designers and a dedicated design team. They are constantly researching and not wearing fashion trends every day, and looking for inspiration to create the most popular products, which gives us the most competitive advantage, so that we can make customers always We can seize the market opportunity and win more profits and value together with customers. We tell customers not to thank us, this is what we should do!
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Hot-selling 28mm mink eyelashes  styles

At Present,we only promote these 28mm false eyelashes. If you have other favorite styles, you want to customize the 28mm false eyelashes. We can all customize it for you according to your drawings.

As the most professional manufacturer of false eyelashes, we always put the needs of our customers first. Help customers customize the false mink eyelash box.

Why launch 28mm Mink eyelashes

Considering that some customers have larger eyes, 25mm false eyelashes are less noticeable after wearing. There are no significant changes to the modified face, so our designers are based on a comprehensive consideration of the collection of Mink eyelash raw materials. With a length of 3 mm, 28mm false eyelashes were developed.
Because we continue to innovate false eyelash styles, we are always leading the new fashion of false eyelashes!
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