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Where to Find A Suitcase Shape Lashes Packaging Box ?

Top Brand Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor HRLASHES Launched a new Style Mink Lashes Box Suitcase shape Lashes Packaging Box.

Where to Find A Suitcase Shape Lashes Packaging Box ? Here is it !!

This Kind of Wholesale Mink Lashes Packaging Box-Suitcase Lashes Box we Launched on Feb 21st. More and more Beautiful Ladies Love these Cute Lashes Cases ! Whenever you are, Wherever you go. Pink is the sweetest Color All the Time.

The original intention of making this false eyelash case is to give the customers of false eyelashes a pure mood. Wholesale Mink Lashes Business HRLASHES insists on Mink Lashes independent creation and innovation. Constantly inject fresh fashion trends into the global false eyelash market.

In the initial design of this false eyelash box, we tried a lot of raw materials, and finally determined the acrylic material for the custom eyelash box. Rugged, durable, drop resistant, long life and other advantages.

Mink eyelash case suitcase 1: 1 simulation replica. The draw bars and casters are very textured! Here Attached the YouTube Video For Your Reference. Welcome to subscribe to our channel !!!

You must be most concerned about the price of this Mink eyelash box, right? $2-$3 Per for Wholesale Lashes Order.if you buy with Mink Lashes Together the Wholesale Price of lashes box might be cheaper As the case may be.

This false eyelash box comes in two sizes. The size of the big box is 18.5 * 11.5 cm. The size of the small box is 13.5 * 8.5 cm. You can customize different styles according to your needs. The main colors are babe pink and bright yellow.Purple, red, blue, rose red false eyelashes can also be customized according to your needs.

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