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What is an eyelash start-up project ?

Venture projects refer to the specific implementation and operation of entrepreneurs to achieve business goals. Venture projects can be divided into Internet entrepreneurship projects and physical entrepreneurship projects according to their nature. Eyelash start-up project, through the sale of eyelashes as the main method through different channels, open a small shop or online store, are considered eyelash entrepreneurship projects.

When you are looking for which entrepreneurial project, I highly recommend the eyelash start-up project. When you have a physical store that is operating other projects and want to add other side businesses, I highly recommend the eyelash business. This is a small investment, low risk, and quick money s project.

Briefly talk about the eyelash entrepreneurship project:

Advantage 1 : not much investment funds

If you are working on other projects and already have your own brand and business premises, adding eyelash start-up projects only requires finding a high-quality supplier. How easy is it? If you are a novice and don’t have a physical store, you can start from scratch. You can rent a store of about 10 square meters. You can usually decorate it. The location of the store is in the community or shopping mall. Of course, you can not Rent a storefront and sell it online at your home.

Advantage 2: women get started quickly

As a woman, eyelashes are no stranger to us. For us who love beauty, we touch them every day. You use it every day. After wearing it, you know best, whether it is comfortable, soft or beautiful, and you are the best model yourself. If you are serious about learning about eyelashes, it only takes about two months to have a certain understanding of products in this industry, learn to distinguish the difference between high-quality eyelashes and inferior eyelashes, learn to observe what kind of eyelashes are worn by different eye types. Pick different eyelashes, learn how to drain through social media, broaden sales channels,

Advantage 3: low cost and high profit

A pair of mink eyelashes are of different quality, and the price ranges from US $ 3 to US $ 12, and can be accepted by the general consumer group. A pair of eyelashes are usually worn about 20-30 times, after careful calculation, the average is every half a month or a month Right and left, you need to replace it. Purchase new mink eyelashes again. Eyelashes are consumables. Different styles wear different effects. Choose different styles according to different wears and different occasions. Everyone has more than one eyelashes at home. Yes, fast consumption and high repurchase rate, only need to ensure high-quality eyelashes, customers are used to buying in the same store. Grasping the quality of eyelashes, you have locked a group of loyal customer fans.

Advantage 4 : Large consumer groups

Women who love beauty love to wear it. From elementary school students in their tens to middle-aged and elderly women in their fifties or sixties, they are potential consumers of eyelashes. Once wearing habits, they will hardly stop because of the effects of wearing and not wearing. No, in other words, wearing beautiful eyelashes is addictive. As an eyelash seller, it is easier to sell a pair of eyelashes.

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How to start a eyelashes business ?