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What Are The Best Mink Lashes Styles Of Hrlashes ?

HR eyelashes is a world-renowned mink eyelashes wholesaler and mink eyelash manufacturer. The water drop eyelashes supplied are sold all over the world, with the most abundant eyelash styles and eyelashes sold to the United States. We continue to introduce new eyelash designs, continue to innovate, and lead the fashion and trend of eyelashes. What is the best mink lashes style for HRLashes eyelashes? Let your mink eyelashes business start with Hrlashes hot-selling eyelashes .

As a famous lashes vendor , Hrlashes specialize in wholesale mink eyelashes: 3D mink eyelashes,  14mm mink eyelashes16mm mink eyelashes, 20mm mink eyelashes, 22mm mink eyelashes. 25mm mink eyelashes, If you are looking for a good lashes vendor , we are undoubtedly your best choice!

What is the best mink lashes style for HRLashes eyelashes?

We have mink eyelashes of different lengths and a variety of styles to choose from. When you see it, we will recommend the best-selling styles to you. Pink eyelashes of different lengths will also show different effects, there is always one eyelash that suits you. If you want the most natural style, please choose the 16mm 3D series. If you want to use dramatic eyelash styles, please choose 25mm DH series.

In addition to mink eyelashes, our custom eyelash packaging boxes are also very popular. We have our own box printing production factory. The minimum order quantity for custom lash boxes with logos is only 50, and the production time only takes 3-5 working days. Our boxes are all high-quality magnet lashes boxes, they are all waterproof, the logo is also very strong, will not fall off.

Our eyelash glue is also very popular, does not contain silicone, is not harmful to the eyes, has high quality, water resistance and professional certification, there will be no allergic reactions, you can use it with confidence. We can also make customized eyelash glue to print your logo, the minimum quantity is 50 pieces. Like glue, eyelash gel eyeliner can also be customized with a logo. These are very popular products. Trust me, click Catherine Whatsapp:+ 86 175 6168 7023 .

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20mm Mink Eyelashes