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Transparent Acrylic Eyelash Box Clear Acrylic Eyelash Box–Customized Eyelash Case with Private Logo

HR Lashes is a well-known eyelash supplier, supplying high-end eyelashes, customized mink eyelashes, vegetarian eyelashes, Faux mink eyelashes, in addition to eyelashes, we customize eyelash boxes, eyelash boxes with private LOGO. Today, I mainly share a transparent acrylic eyelash box.

Transparent acrylic eyelash box have different shapes, round transparent eyelashes, rectangular transparent eyelashes, cube transparent eyelashes, there are many ways to open the transparent eyelashes, there are pull-out transparent eyelashes, flip transparent eyelashes, Clear acrylic eyelashes There are also different thicknesses and sizes. At the same time, the transparent eyelash case can be printed with the customer’s private logo, and different patterns can be printed. In the transparent eyelash case, you can also place different colors of glitter paper according to your needs. The color remains consistent. The Hrlashes factory has a 3D printer, which can quickly print your unique Logo eyelash case according to your requirements.

Please refer to the transparent acrylic eyelash case in the video below.

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