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The best bottom eyelashes and the best false eyelashes

Hrlashes focuses on hand-made the best bottom eyelashes and the best false eyelashes, so that your false eyelashes are as natural and attractive as real eyelashes.

To create beautiful full lashes you cannot forget your bottom lashes to complete the look! Bottom lashes are equally important as your top eyelashes, therefore it’s obvious to want to balance them both out. Having false lower lashes creates depth and boosts your eye shape while your upper lashes lengthens and defines. Not only that, but they also balance out the look of your eyes creating the perfect eye shape you aspire for! Notably, you don’t have to apply a whole strip of bottom lashes as well to complete your look;

Bottom lashes are much shorter, thinner, and less noticeable than upper lashes. In some cases, you want it to be obvious that you are using upper strip lash to create a dramatic look.Most of us focus on perfecting our upper eyelashes and forget the impact that the little guy at the bottom might have.  In fact bottom lashes take far less time to apply .

Using fake eyelashes on your bottom lash line can seriously enhance your eye makeup game. Because false lashes are so much denser than our natural lashes, even a short strip will make a big difference.

However, you’d better trim them to the required length. Remember, the length will be very short! Because false eyelashes are much thicker than our natural eyelashes, even short eyelashes will be very different.

Below are our best selling bottom lashes styles , Best 3 Pairs different under False lashes , lower False Eyelashes , bottom False Eyelashes

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