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HRLASHES Provides What False Eyelashes Customers Need!

HRLASHES is a Wholesale Mink Lashes sub-brand of CannesLashes. Dedicated to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes for many years. There are a lot of mink eyelash brands that have been promoted.

As you know from the news media. COVID-19 is spreading globally. The number of confirmed diagnoses continues to rise. This is really a terrible thing.
In the process of communicating with false eyelash customers in recent days. It took almost 30 minutes to explain to them why we need to wear masks when we go to public places. This is really a very noteworthy note!

I hope that you will always pay attention to the precautions issued by the World Health Organization and strictly abide by them! Do a good job of protection!
We don’t produce masks.
We’re just porters of masks.
HRLASHES Committed to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes.
And A professional eyelash production suppliers.
HRLASHES is also a professional supplier of Mink eyelash packaging boxes.
For each false eyelashes order, we will give you a mask based on the order amount !
Let’s fight the virus together! Face it positively!
I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon!
Come On !

No matter where you are in the world, we worry about you as much as our own family.
Recently we also learned about the situation of many false eyelash customers. HRLASHES purchased a batch of disposable sterile masks. Free gift to our dear false eyelashes customers.
HRLASHES has always been a socially responsible company.

If you want to buy masks separately, you can contact our professional consultant directly. They provide you with official matchmaking information.


We firmly believe that this time the virus will be brought under control soon and life will soon return to normal!

You can spend time with your family. Carefully plan the new eyelash market strategy for the new year!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Why the same style of Mink eyelashes are not exactly the same ?

Recently, false eyelash distributors reported that the quality of mink eyelashes they received was very good but the same styles would be a little different. They don’t know how to explain this phenomenon to their eyelash clients.

Honey, you don’t need to worry at all. Each false eyelash of HRLASHES is a unique work of art. What you need to know is that the raw material of true Mink Lashes is vegetarian natural mink hair without cruel harm. Animal hair is spiritual, and the diameter of each mink hair is slightly different. Unlike synthetic eyelashes, the thickness and beauty of chemical fiber eyelashes are fixed. We require craftsmen of wholesale mink lashes to place mink fur raw material thickness when adjusting to Mink Lashes. The beauty and design focus of each false eyelash are the same. But even so, due to the different thickness and growth cycle of mink hair, the thickness of the finished Mink eyelashes will be slightly different. But this does not affect the wear and beauty at all. Each pair of mink eyelashes is still perfect!

HRLASHES’s mink Lashes are hand-made beauty products. Eyelashes that look very inconspicuous, each pair of eyelashes is completed through 21 purely manual processes. Our false eyelashes workers are strictly trained and skilled craftsmen. Only in this way can each lashes be restored to the greatest extent. The consistency of each mink eyelash can be controlled to the greatest extent.

No pair of mink eyelashes is exactly the same. This is also the charm of handmade false eyelashes!

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How to Wholesale the Most Suitable False Eyelashes and Start an Eyelash Business?

HRLashes is the Best Wholesale Mink eyelashes Vendors.Provide all Kinds of Suitable False Eyelashes,3D Mink Eyelashes,25mm Mink Eyelashes,Vegan Mink Lashes.

wholesale eyelash vendor

A brand new 2020 is coming. Do you already have a better plan for your false eyelash career?HRLashes has also made the most suitable Eyelash wholesale solution for your reference. If You Are Just Start or on the Way to Find Secret of success.Please continue to pay attention to our Lashes website, we will continue to update high-quality false eyelash sales strategy and career sharing. Next ,I will Share a few cost-saving of Lashes Business tips.

1.Start with Hot Selling Eyelash Sample Pack to Open market.Click Here For More Details>>>>>Sample Pack

2.Creat Your Own Lashes Brand and Custom Logo on Lashes Boxes.As the Eyelash box Below.That can be Custom with Your Own Lashes Logo.This is really suitable for Start Lashes Business!

3.Most of Eyelash Vendor will Have a Big Discount by the End of a year.But We usually Do Not Often Have Discount. In fact, the Lashes discount is mainly due to the different strategies adopted by each brand. We do not discount easily because of the original intention of being responsible to each customer at a real price, so that the price of suitable false eyelashes purchased by each customer is fair. That’s why our Eyelash customers can rest assured of establishing long-term cooperative business relationships with us. Choose to cooperate with us is to choose success! We can not only provide you with Luxury false eyelashes, high-end eyelash customer service, and keen marketing strategy! Let us work together to create a bigger false eyelash market!

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