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How to identify High-quality Mink eyelashes ?

At present, there are a lot of high-quality mink eyelashes and inferior eyelashes on the market. The price of eyelashes is also very different, ranging from a few cents to more than 3 dollars.

For consumers, it is difficult for them to accurately and professionally distinguish the difference between high-quality eyelashes and inferior eyelashes. Here, from the perspective and identity of a professional 3D mink eyelash vendor who has been engaged in independent production and independent design for more than 15 years, If you have the fate, you must give some suggestions. Maybe you patiently read the following content and it will be of great help in selecting eyelashes for yourself in the later stage.

High-end eyelashes
inferior eyelashes

First, talk about the characteristics of mink eyelashes

Mink eyelashes: When it comes to mink eyelashes, let’s talk about the raw material for making mink eyelashes. The best part of mink hair is the mink’s tail hair. Mink hair is natural, so it has a beautiful natural luster, super lightweight and very soft , Giving people a delicate feel like feathers. The top of a good marten is sharp, and the top of a bad marten is flat.

The top of the mink should be a natural tip so that the eyelashes are light and natural, not stiff.

Eyelashes made with mink hair are high-end eyelashes. The characteristics of mink eyelashes, from the appearance, they have a natural fluffy appearance. After wearing, the sense of superiority and beauty is fully displayed, basically no one says that it is not true. The other eyelash belt is where all the hair is attached and fixed. Good eyelash bands are soft and comfortable, while bad eyelash bands are stiff, straight and easily cause eyelashes to fall off.

In the past decade, many eyelash companies have closed down, but we have become the leader of the eyelash industry on the way. Why?

1. Eyelashes are excellent in technology and unique in design.

Our 3D marten is 100% handmade. Skilled workers can only produce dozens of pairs of 3D eyelashes per day. We must ensure that the False Mink lashes are symmetrical, beautiful, and have consistent hair ends. Our mink has the same number of eyelashes. When you receive the goods, you will know that from raw materials to craftsmanship, there is a big difference in comfort and appearance.

2. High-quality mink eyelashes raw materials used,

We use the longest hair on the mink tail. The hair peaks are long and not truncated. Eliminate cheap and low-end raw materials, and control eyelash quality from the source of raw materials.


As a professional mink eyelashes vendor Our products are sold to customers in a beautiful and tasteful manner. Customers who want to create a brand, customers who grasp the trend, customers with vision, the quality and style of our eyelashes are definitely the most competitive.

Comment your thoughts and questions below. I will continue to introduce another material of our company’s eyelashes,Welcome to contact my whatsapp: +86 175 6168 7023 , I wish you all the best day!

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HRLASHES Provides What False Eyelashes Customers Need!

HRLASHES is a Wholesale Mink Lashes sub-brand of CannesLashes. Dedicated to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes for many years. There are a lot of mink eyelash brands that have been promoted.

As you know from the news media. COVID-19 is spreading globally. The number of confirmed diagnoses continues to rise. This is really a terrible thing.
In the process of communicating with false eyelash customers in recent days. It took almost 30 minutes to explain to them why we need to wear masks when we go to public places. This is really a very noteworthy note!

I hope that you will always pay attention to the precautions issued by the World Health Organization and strictly abide by them! Do a good job of protection!
We don’t produce masks.
We’re just porters of masks.
HRLASHES Committed to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes.
And A professional eyelash production suppliers.
HRLASHES is also a professional supplier of Mink eyelash packaging boxes.
For each false eyelashes order, we will give you a mask based on the order amount !
Let’s fight the virus together! Face it positively!
I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon!
Come On !

No matter where you are in the world, we worry about you as much as our own family.
Recently we also learned about the situation of many false eyelash customers. HRLASHES purchased a batch of disposable sterile masks. Free gift to our dear false eyelashes customers.
HRLASHES has always been a socially responsible company.

If you want to buy masks separately, you can contact our professional consultant directly. They provide you with official matchmaking information.


We firmly believe that this time the virus will be brought under control soon and life will soon return to normal!

You can spend time with your family. Carefully plan the new eyelash market strategy for the new year!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Why the same style of Mink eyelashes are not exactly the same ?

Recently, false eyelash distributors reported that the quality of mink eyelashes they received was very good but the same styles would be a little different. They don’t know how to explain this phenomenon to their eyelash clients.

Honey, you don’t need to worry at all. Each false eyelash of HRLASHES is a unique work of art. What you need to know is that the raw material of true Mink Lashes is vegetarian natural mink hair without cruel harm. Animal hair is spiritual, and the diameter of each mink hair is slightly different. Unlike synthetic eyelashes, the thickness and beauty of chemical fiber eyelashes are fixed. We require craftsmen of wholesale mink lashes to place mink fur raw material thickness when adjusting to Mink Lashes. The beauty and design focus of each false eyelash are the same. But even so, due to the different thickness and growth cycle of mink hair, the thickness of the finished Mink eyelashes will be slightly different. But this does not affect the wear and beauty at all. Each pair of mink eyelashes is still perfect!

HRLASHES’s mink Lashes are hand-made beauty products. Eyelashes that look very inconspicuous, each pair of eyelashes is completed through 21 purely manual processes. Our false eyelashes workers are strictly trained and skilled craftsmen. Only in this way can each lashes be restored to the greatest extent. The consistency of each mink eyelash can be controlled to the greatest extent.

No pair of mink eyelashes is exactly the same. This is also the charm of handmade false eyelashes!

Click Here>>>>> 3D Mink Lashes

Click Here>>>>> 25mm Mink Lashes

Click Here>>>>> Eyelash Packaging Box

WhatsApp Here

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What Length of False Eyelashes is Right for Me?

Today, a very good lip gloss distributor follows me on Instagram (canneslashes_catherine) What Length of False Eyelashes is Right for Me? how to distinguish the length of different false eyelashes ? Aske me :
I answered her patiently.
Under my explanation and analysis. She ordered 3 natural eyelashes and 5 3D eyelashes.
Do you have the same question?
Today in this blog I share with you some little knowledge about eyelash length, I hope it will be helpful to you.
Generally, the more common eyelash styles in the eyelash market are 13mm mink eyelash, 16mm eyelashes, 18mm lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 25mm mink eyelashes, 28mm Mink Lashes, 35mm Wholesale Mink eyelashes.

Among them, 13-16mm wholesale Mink Lashes we usually call natural faux eyelashes. This category of mink eyelash is suitable for everyday makeup and outings. Faux eyelash distributors are mostly located in the Middle East, Canada, and some European countries. This faux eyelash will make you pay attention in many office lady Lashes.

Each of our Mink eyelash is a collection of naturally shed hair from the tails of Siberian mink used. Crafted by skilled workers. The softest cotton thread is used as the lashes band. Pure physical heat treatment without chemical steps Wear it with confidence on sensitive skin. Lightweight and free from foreign body sensation, rain does not change. The styling durability can be used 20-25 times repeatedly.

25 MM lenth DH007

Next up is 18mm 3D mink lashes & 20mm 3D Mink Lashes.
The false eyelashes of this series are more three-dimensional than the natural ones. The majority of faux eyelash distributors in the United States. This series of faux eyelashes is a model between 25mm big big lashes and 16mm Mink Lashes. For babies who are more pursuing fashion and individuality.
Click on the link below for more pictures of eyelash styles.

3D Mink Lashes

Natural Look Lashes

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How to Make the Bulk Order after You Find a Eyelash Vendor

When you are looking for cooperation with false eyelash vendors. You need to place a sample order first to test the quality of mink eyelashes.
So what do you need to do after receiving the false eyelash samples?
Today in this article we will tell you how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of eyelashes.

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors
M02 Mink Lashes

Attached here is the contact information of our factory false eyelash account manager, you can contact her directly. She will tell you in detail how to make the right choice.

WhatsApp :008617561687023

In this information age where e-commerce is developing rapidly, various fake experts spread professional and non-professional industry information on the Internet. Too many mink eyelash distributors fall into the trap of false eyelash sample orders.

Can you make the bulk order directly after you receive the lashes sample order?
The first thing after you receive the sample is to test the quality of the eyelashes. If you don’t know how to perform false eyelash quality inspection, you can browse the help blogs on our website. Your subscription will be our great honor!
In recent years, many bad suppliers have appeared. They use low-end and inferior false eyelash raw materials for production and processing. What is most infuriating is that they sell the wholesale mink eyelashes at low prices and disrupt the entire mink lashes market. So after you receive the samples, you must strictly communicate with the false eyelash supplier.

If you have the opportunity to come to China, take a look at our production process of false eyelashes. Will make our eyelashes cooperation more harmonious!
HRLashes has been engaged in the production and sales of false eyelashes for 15 years. Focus on the design and production of high-quality mink eyelashes.
Treat every customer sincerely. Help clients make the most accurate decision based on the situation. Leading new trends in thewholesale mink eyelash market.

With the development of the mink eyelash market, we will continue to update the eyelash market strategy. You are always welcome to follow our website.

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How To Apply, Remove and Clean Lashes


Applying Your False Lashes

HR lashes is a wholesale false lashes vendor ,who comes in subtle, dramatic and bold styles. They can be warn 20-25 time with proper care. Applying lashes are not easy but with patience and practice you will become a pro.

Step #1: Curl your natural lashes

To create a shelf for your falsies to sit on, curl your natural lashes and apply mascara which will help support their weight. 

Step #2: Cut the falsies to fit

Some lashes may come with extended bands to attach better to the package. Make sure to clip the ends off the lashes on both sides if it’s extended. Now measure your lashes to your eyelid cut your false lashes on the outer corner of lash, to perfectly fit your eyelid. Also bend them into a C shape for a few moments to help curve them into a natural eyelid shape. 

Step #3: Add your adhesive

Make sure to use a good quality adhesive, ours glue is imported from Korea,. You’ll want to trace a very fine line on each of the lash bands with the adhesive, wait a few moments for the adhesive to dry and become clear color before applying. 

Step #4: Stick them on!

For better placement and safety, use your fingers to apply your extensions, unless you are more comfortable with tweezers.  You’ll want to start by placing the lash from the outer corner first then the inner corner, keeping it as close as possible to the lash line.

Step: #5 Touch it up

To help blend everything together, you can take a black liquid eyeliner and coat the lash band. Do a couple winks and eyelash flutters and you’re all set!

Removing False Lashes With Care

Your false lashes should be removed before beginning your makeup removal routine. You can soften the adhesive with a q-tip or cotton swab soaked in a good quality makeup remover.

You can also use your favorite oil such as coconut or sweet almond oil. Run your swab along the lash line. Do not to get oil on to the actual lashes just lash band. Then, grab the extension by the outer corner and slowly peel the strip away from your real lash. If you feel any pinching or resistance, then slightly apply more oil or makeup remover and wait a little longer before trying again. 

False Lashes Hygiene

It is recommended that you clean your lash extensions to help keep bacteria away from your eye that could cause redness and agitation. You can also prolong the life of your lashes by cleaning them. 

Step #1: Peel off the glue residue

If you look closely enough, you’ll see the remaining strip of adhesive stuck on the base of your lash extensions. You’ll want to peel the remaining off so it’s ready to be re-glued during their next use. Please use finertips if possible. Be very careful in using tweezers you can pull the thread and damage lashes.

Step #2: Create a cleaning solution

Fill a small bowl or sink with warm water and a little bit of hair conditioner. You can also add liquid makeup remover

Step #3: Clean the lashes

Do Not submerge your false lashes into your water/cleaning solution. Place lashes on a dry clean towel or paper towel. Take a q-tip and gently rub them to remove mascara or other makeup products. 

Step #4: Let them dry

Check the lashes for any remaining residue, and then place them back in the lash trayto dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can also pat them dry.

If you neglect to clean your lashes, you’ll have a hard time reapplying them next time and soon you’ll have false lashes caked in makeup. By keeping them nice and clean, you’ll get more uses out of them in the long run and keep your eyes safe and bacteria-free!

Now that you know what’s involved in the application, removal, and cleaning process of false lashes, you can see that using them isn’t so intimidating. We hope you love and enjoy your HR Lashes!

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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor

As the Most Professional Mink eyelashes Vendor,Always put the needs of customers first. The false eyelash related products that customers need are the direction of our development. Everything from the customer’s point of view, together to create a market value for false eyelashes customers!Eyelashes related products are being sold! Mink eyelash,Faux Mink Eyelashes,Eyelash Glue,Eyelash Applicators,Eyelash Brushes,Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes,False eyelash tweezersFalse eyelash displayEyelash Books,etc.

Each Eyelashes Products Has It’s Own Official certification.Every false eyelash product that is sent from our factory can only be sent after 5 quality inspection procedures. There is no quality problem! However, if your family or friends are not satisfied with our mink lashes, we can also return for you. After all, there are a thousand Shakespeare with a thousand Hamlets.

For More Information About How to Get lashes Sample Or Make The First Order From eyelashes vendor-HRLashes. Please Kindly Following The Information in The Footer .

As the most Popular eyelashes vendor,We are willing to Help More and More Beauty practitioners to Realize their Eyelash Entrepreneurial Dream,Become more beautiful and richer.So far, we have united nearly 3,000 false eyelash brands to successfully promote their mink eyelash brands and have won very good eyelash market feedback! HRLashes is your best choice for false eyelashes business!


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Luxury False Eyelashes Vendor


We R&D Beautiful Eyelash !

We are Committed to Helping Every Baby who Wants to Develop their own false eyelashes to realize their value!

Whether you are planning to start your own eyelash line.

or already have a mature eyelash brand.

We will customize a development plan for your false eyelashes business.

Our factory will be a strong backing for your false eyelash development.

Let us work together to open up a wider false eyelash market!

Hrlashes is a high-end eyelashes vendor, Come and join us! Contact my whatsapp :+ 0086 175 6168 7023 .

How mink lashes are made?

The eyelashes of the eyebrows are handmade. The workers communicate with the designer beforehand. They accurately grasp the designer’s thoughts. According to the drawings from the designer, the hairs are placed one by one with the tweezers. Each pair of eyelashes contains the designer’s Thought, the wisdom of the workers. It is the art of the soul, a team creates beauty with heart…

what are 3D mink lashes

No eyelashes are on a single curvature, and different eyelashes are seen from every angle. We call it 3D mink lashes.
The 3D eyelashes are inspired by the fact that no leaf in the world is the same. No petal is the same. It is this difference that creates the beauty of nature.

what are 5d mink lashes?

5D eyelashes are double-layered, thicker, and more curved. More exaggerated.Contact top 1 Eyelash vendor whatsapp: +0086 175 6168 7023 .

20mm Mink Eyelashes

25mm Mink Eyelashes

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If the Grammy Actress is Wearing False Mink Eyelashes in HRLashes

Remember the frenzy of the Grammy scene? I still remember the False mink Eyelashes especially for female stars. May be related to our production and sales of fake eyelashes. Regardless of the scene of the event, the most important thing besides the lipstick is the false eyelashes of the ladies.
Not much to say, let’s take a look at it. If you choose eyelashes in HRLashes, the most suitable false mink eyelashes for the Glamour beauty stars.

1.Lady Gaga VS DX004-1 extra long eyelashes  28mm Mink eyelashes

Stephanie Joanne Angelina Jermanota, Ms. Yu is an American singer, songwriter, music producer and actor. She is known for her challenging traditional and regular works as well as avant-garde visuals. Is an American singer, songwriter, music producer and actor. She is known for her challenging traditional and regular works as well as avant-garde visuals. This DX series of false eyelashes highlights her style of fashion and avant-garde. Zhang Yang is not lost.

2.H.E.R’s VS DM09-3 Mink eyelashes

If life is a movie Then you are the best part
H.E.R. is a mysterious stage name, taken “Having Everything Revealed”
IHER, formerly known as Gabriella Gabi Wilson, was born in 1997 and has a magnetic voice that is not quite the same age. However, it seems to be the same in Europe and America in recent years. The younger the age, the more mature the voice, like the previously recommended British singer. George Ezra, listening to the song, middle-aged uncle, who would think of a small Zhengtai… she insisted on anonymity, only using her music to represent her. DM09-3 Mink eyelashes. Mysterious and low-key yet playful. The design of this fake eyelash style makes her love of music and her low-key display very thorough.

3.Ariana Grande’s VS DH018-1 Mink eyelashes

Ariana Grande-Butera is an American singer, songwriter and actor. She is known for her very wide range. In the HRLashes, she matched her DH018-1Mink eyelashes in the DH false eyelashes series.
She starred in the power of Broadway musicals and the explosive power of her Dangerous Woman Tour. The DH018-1 Mink eyelashes penetrated just fine.

4.Brandi Carlile VS DH015-1 mink eyelashes

American folk singer and composer Brady Carlisle
Since 2005, Brandy Carly has created a acclaimed record with her generous voice and broad mind, winning loyal audiences including Barack Obama, Dolly Parton and Adele.
DH015-1 mink eyelashes The calm and dignified design matches Carlie’s attitude towards music. The lengthening and curling of the false eyelashes also brought a different kind of charm to her age.

Ok, I shared so much today. TThe one who  are watching blogs. Is there any other false eyelashes that I want to know? You are welcome to share and share with us in the comments section. if you wholesale 3D mink Eyelashes , add my whatsapp:+86 17561687023 .

Thanks in Advance

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Tomorrow is the world’s fastest increase in the value of a piece of land, because it is full of hope.

20mm Mink Eyelashes

25mm Mink Eyelashes

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How to use photos to show false eyelashes at multiple angles

False eyelashes become the most part of daily make up .How to take false eyelashes photos ?

And many student start their own eyelash line with privite label.

Because the false eyelashes are beyond their tolerance, the picture display of the product is especially important to them.

How to use photos to show false eyelashes at multiple angles?

Let’s discuss then.

  1. Positive display

This part is a preview of the overall effect of false eyelashes.The curvature of the eyeliner and the layering of the false eyelash material are well displayed.

  1. Side display

This section shows the curl of the false eyelashes. Mao Feng’s layering. Through this picture we can imagine how to bring fake eyelashes.

3.Vertical symmetry

We can take false eyelashes photos like this, These photos shows the curling of the false eyelashes more intuitively.

4.False eyelash’s Boxes

That’s an Optional part.If your client who wants to establish their own eyelash business,This part is useful I think .

Different product positioning, you can recommend different packaging boxes for customers. We do not make a detailed statement in this blog. The blog about the fake eyelash packaging box will be updated later, and it will continue to pay attention to us.

Do you have any other suggestions about the shooting of false eyelashes? You are welcome to leave a message in the comment area to communicate with us.Contact us Whatsapp:+0086 175 6168 7023 .

Thanks in Advance


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