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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendors

HRLashes is the Best Wholesale eyelashes vendors. Our Eyelash factory is professional at Quality mink lashes. Including many different Eyelash series of styles can meet requirement from different customer.

3d Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale

High Quality|Luxury Mink Lashes that can bring different feelings to eyelash customers will quickly attract a large number of customers and quickly open the Mink eyelashes market!

3d Mink Eyelashes Vendors

Custom Mink Eyelashes Packaging Boxes


HRLashes is not only the Best Mink Lashes vendors,But Also can Custom All Kins of Eyelash Packaging Boxes for your Lashes Brand.Here Attached the Acrylic Eyelash Boxes with Different Glitter Paper for Your Reference.For More info,Kindly Contact

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mink lashes

Custom Eyelash Sample Pack in Different Lashes box.Magnet Mink eyelash box

mink eyelashes wholesale in los angeles

Custom Eyelash Book For Makeup artist.Wholesale eyelash set can be custom in Any Style.HRLashes as the Most Professional manufacturer of false eyelashes,Help More than 3000 Lashes Brand established their own Custom eyelash Packaging Boxes.More than 1500 makeup Artist Designed their Eyelashes Display Part.

mink eyelash

Different Eyelashes Packaging Boxes with Different Lashes Tray

wholesale mink eyelashes|Custom packages

Each Kind of Wholesale Mink Eyelash Boxes Have their own Shape Lashes Tray.Display part in the right side the Near Future ‘s Cooperation,HRLashes can Custom All Kinds of Eyelash Packaging Boxes Follow your requirement.

Wholesale Eyelash Glue with custom Paper box

Mink Lashes Factory

Eyelash tweezers|Eyelash Brush|Eyelashes Glue

Lashes Tweezers can be custom Logo on the Side Part.Here Attached the Gold lashes tweezer and Rose gold Tweezers.There are other color such as Pink eyelash tweezer,Purple Tweezers,Blue Tweezers,etc.

Eyelash Cleaning Brush 50 unit in a pack.Here Attached the Black one Above.There Are Also Have Pink Eyelash Brush,WhiteLashes Brushes,Clear Mink eyelash cleaning Brushes,etc.

Eyelash Glue is Completely latex-free .Non-irritating, sensitive skin can be used.Because false eyelash glue is a cosmetic that comes into contact with the skin every day. We Always provide the best Quality Lashes Glue to our Mink eyelashes customers.

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For New Mink Eyelashes Clients

Wholesale Mink eyelashes become more and more popular for beauty.And now Many new eyelash clients come to ask How to start lashes business?distinguish mink eyelashes and faux mink ?How to apply lashes ?How…..Here I have compiled some daily questions and answers for your reference. If you have other things you want to know. You can leave a message in the comment area. thank you very much!

Can I offer discounts on the price of my starting wholesale mink eyelashes business?

Hello, thank you for your question. Each of our pair of false eyelashes is handcrafted from the finest raw materials. There are operating costs, and depending on the quantity you ordered, this price is already very favorable. Please understand. Because the operation of the factory is not a person can make a decision. It is the common effort and efforts of all the staff of our team. Now you are also our partner, I hope we can work together to develop a better quality false eyelashes market!

I don’t know how to choose eyelashes to start my eyelashes. Can you help me?

Yes dear .You Could Click Here and get more for new start eyelashes Sample Pack .

For the first time, how can I believe that your eyelashes can bring me business?

That’s a Good Question honey.What can we give you ?That’s a Question. What I have to say is that in addition to the quality false eyelash market. We can’t give you complaints from other customers, customer complaints, low quality false eyelashes. Because the quality of our false eyelashes is really very good. The agent business with us is gradually expanding!

Please provide some eyelash details

False eyelashes are made of cotton. Soft and docile. Using a unique styling technique, the combination of Mink fur and cotton thread creates a pair of false eyelashes.

Faux looks so real, will it be marketed as a mink?

Hello, no intention to offend. But your question is a bit too much. We do not recommend that you do this. Because of the two false eyelashes, he is essentially different. This shoddy will only damage the original false eyelashes market! Integrity is the foundation of a business.

Will the custom-length false eyelashes do the same style as the photos he gave you?

Yes dear ,Your are right !Our designers can customize the false eyelashes you need according to your requirements!

How can you make sure that you make EXACTLY what I want on the box?

With our rigorous quality inspection steps and over the years, we have helped build more than 2,000 false eyelash brands to promote their own brands. Customized false eyelashes are a very simple routine for us. You don’t need to worry about his quality at all. Because of all your concerns, we have considered it. And we are all very good to help you avoid the emergence and occurrence of these problems. You just care about beauty, and you will give us the things that create beauty!


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Strip Mink Eyelashes and Eyelash extensions

False eyelashes have become an indispensable accessory in every everyday life of beauty lovers. There are also many new customers every day to ask questions about different false eyelashes. The article you are reading is about the comparison of Strip mink eyelashes and eyelash extension.

Strip Mink eyelashes are easy to wear. Different styles can be matched according to the needs of different occasions. At present, our factory designs and sells more than 1,700 3D false eyelashes.Professional latex-free false eyelash glue paste, easy to remove before going to bed with makeup remover. Correct wearing and removing false eyelashes can be repeated 25 times.

It is easy and fast to wear the Strip Eyelashes. According to the daily makeup and occasion, you can change the strip eyelashes of different styles. It is flexible and convenient, and the style of the mating style is novel and diverse. Time to go to a specific place to graft, once grafted, it will fall off .

One of the shortcomings of false eyelashes is that the grafting time is long and the style is single.Although grafting eyelashes look more natural and realistic. But every time you wash your face, you will lose some of your false eyelashes to varying degrees. At the same time, that will also smash your own false eyelashes.

Falling false eyelashes can cause different shapes for the left and right eyes. It is necessary to fill the vacant false eyelashes, which is time consuming and laborious.There is no such problem with the false eyelashes.Easy to wear, cost-effective, and can be worn multiple times.

Do you have any better experience tips about the daily makeup of false eyelashes? Welcome to leave a message for us to share.

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What is the difference between mink lashes and silk lashes?

In my previous career in false eyelashes, Many client has asked the same question: what’s the difference between mink lashes and silk lashes.

Today I want to write about the differences between these 2 kinds of false eyelashes, so that more false eyelashes practitioners can refer to them.

Mink eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are made of Naturally shed mink tail hair.

Some customers will question whether he wasn’t brutally murdered.

It’s cruelty free.

The main characteristics of Mink eyelashes is Soft and firm, plush rich, luster, natural hair.

 Silk eyelashes

Silk lashes are made of Artificial manufacturing, chemical synthesis , which is totally vegan.

The main features are: pile parallel and neat, showing the unique luster of velvet.

There’s an easy way to tell these two types of false eyelashes apart.  

Fire test

The raw material of mink eyelashes is mainly protein, which is then completely burned.

However, when the synthetic eyelashes are lit, they burn into a ball. This is the different for mink lashes and silk lashes .

If you have other questions about false eyelashes, you are welcome to leave us a message. We will answer them one by one.

Thanks in advance. Contact me quickly whatsapp: +0086 175 6168 7023 .

Daily encouragement:

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

Mink eyelashes
Why are mink lashes better? Are mink lashes better than silk ?

The bristles of the bristles are the hair of the animal. The composition of the velvet is different. The lashes of the bristles are the same as none of the hairs. They are not bright, and they are more hand-made and look more natural. The velvet eyelashes are made of 0.05 chemical fiber material, which is bright and looks fake and unnatural. The two false eyelashes are worn differently. Which one you like depends on where you are.

Can you reuse mink lashes?

Our eyelashes can be used 20-25 times if carefully protected. Our eyelash glue is patented, soft and durable, not easy to break, you can use it with confidence!

Can you swim with mink lashes ? Can you wash mink lashes?

Our eyelashes are waterproof, you can take a swim directly, and after the eyelashes are dry, they will return to the original. Our eyelashes are easy to wear and it is recommended that you take them off while swimming so you can enjoy swimming!

can you sleep in mink lashes?

You can take a sleep. There is no problem. However, it is recommended that you take it off to relax our skin. Our eyelashes are different from planting eyelashes and are easy to wear.

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Why Are We Constantly Innovating On False Eyelash Styles?

Why are we constantly innovating on false lashes styles?   Because we have been making progress, surpassing ourselves, keeping up with the trend, leading our customers, opening up and leading the entire eyelash industry . Today, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards all over the world, people begin to pursue spiritual satisfaction!

Have faith to rely on their soul; Read more books, constantly improve themselves in order to Keep up with the trend of the times;

In this highly competitive society. Make-up can make people to be Self confidence and have enough energy to work and happy living!

But like the new and hate the old is the normal human nature”, Constantly changing style will attract more people’s attention, Constantly changing style will bring their own different mood, thus more happy to work and life!

Based on this, we not only pursue the natural life like effect of mink eyelash, but also constantly innovate the 3d mink eyelash style, or natural, or sexy, or exaggerated, or smart…. Let you always stand in the forefront of fashion to show yourself!

Constantly design new styles lash to meet the needs of every consumer on different occasions, meetings, evenings, stages, lectures, walking on the red carpet.

The important to design new styles lashes

Different occasions need to match different clothes, different makeup, also need different styles of mink eyelashes.

Therefore, we as a mink eyelash vendor should  constantly design new styles and constantly bring new business opportunities to our customers.

Consumers like fresh, They like to try new things at the first time.

As an eyelash Vendor we will have to constantly design new  mink lash styles, Bring consumers a different experience at the first time, Eliminate those competitors who can only imitate, and ensure that everyone who cooperates with us has a firm market share!

HRlashes wholesale like to work with you hand in hand to open new market!



WhatsApp:+86 17561687023

Instagram :Cannes Lashes Catherine

Facebook :Cannes Lashes Catherine

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Why choose RTS eyelashes from HRlashes as a distributor

From an economic point of view, it refers to the Distributor who acquire the ownership of goods in trade.The distributor is Profit-oriented and has the right to decide price and ownership, which is a crucial part of the product sales.Distributors mainly include dealers, wholesalers and retailers, etc.,  which is the largest group of customers that our company cooperates with.The development of our company, and even the world economy has played a huge role in promoting.


are our most important partners, and your progress is the driving force for our development.Only when customers keep growing and expanding, and cooperate with us for a long time. Based on our continued cooperation ,we will get more opportunities of business to develop and grow.

In fact,

we are a Whole, like a sea ship.We are a solid ship, you are the captain,crew.But only you guide us to sail, can brave the wind and waves, thousands of miles of voyage.

Without the captain and the guidance of the crew, the ships could only stop in the harbor.


a strong hull and advanced equipment can carry the crew further.We are constantly innovating and strengthening our own strength to help our partners go further.RTS eyelashes is a module for distributors.It features more than 50 different styles of eyelashes ,with different lengths.We select each type of RTS eyelashes carefully, which has the highest sales volume in recent months. Many styles can meet the needs of most dealers.The stock of each eyelash is more than 1000 pairs, and a single order within 250 pairs can be shipped within 24 hours.It’sfeature : fast,fast,fast.


RTS eyelashes can save about 3-15 days, which may be the key for distributors to win the market and gain profits.In the 21st century, when the cost of time is extremely high, time is profit and wealth.RTS products are the most important step in the company’s strategy this year, providing purchasing orientation and convenience for many distributors and other customers.

Personally, I think this is also one of the important directions, for the development of eyelash market in the future.

Don’t wait, contact me quickly Whatsapp:+0086 175 6168 7023 .

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Mink Eyelashes: Top 3 Best Sets

We’re obsessed with our eyelashes. Faced with thousands of advertising images each day, showing women and men with amazing, perfectly lined and shadowed eyes, topped with incredibly lush lashes, it’s awfully hard not to covet them. But not everyone is blessed with such amazing lashes. It’s not surprising that our makeup drawers are filled with mascaraseyelash curlers and eyelash growth serum. We’re all after “the look”, and these products help us achieve it, sort of. But for special occasions, and even everyday wear, false eyelashes can deliver that uber-glam impact, pretty simply, especially when they’re made of natural mink. Plus, they’re surprisingly affordable.

False eyelashes can be made of many things, from synthetic fibers to human hair. But the hot ticket, for fake lashes is mink fur. We’re not just talking a simple row of strands, although some fake eyelashes do offer that for a more natural appearance. Mink eyelashes are ultra-popular because of their beautiful sheen, curl and shaggy look. When you see lashes described as 3D, it means lots of the fine little mink hairs are fanned out over one another, and when applied right, make a giant visual impact. Now, there are even 6D lashes, but as you might imagine, these are even longer, thicker and way more dramatic. No matter which fake eyelashes you choose, with a little practice, you’ll become a pro at application.

As you’ll discover, mink eyelashes are a bit more expensive than your drugstore variety fakes. Despite their higher price, one reason these false eyelashes are exploding in popularity, in addition to their beautiful look, is their long lasting wear. Some mink eyelashes can last seven to ten wearings, with careful removal and proper care. Other lash makers claim their mink lashes can last for as many as 25 wearings. Although most users would dispute that claim, they do say they’re much longer lasting and totally worth the extra investment.

As you peruse this list of the best mink eyelashes, keep in mind, your purchase doesn’t stop here. None of them are self adhesive, and none come with separate eyelash adhesive. You’ll want to order some along with your lashes, so you don’t plan for a big reveal and discover you’ve got no way to stick them to your lids. An eyelash applicatorcan help you to apply them with better accuracy. Also, be vigilant about careful removal and clean-up. Some lashes call for specific types of makeup removers, and micellar water is always a great option for its unique ability to gently dissolve away makeup residue, lash adhesive, and to safely clean your lashes to extend wear.

Mink eyelashes are a great and fun option to amp up your look, and when you bat those fluffy lashes, the world will take notice. Are you daring enough to try them? Here are our recommendations for Mink Eyelashes: Top 3 Best Sets.

1. Most Luxurious Mink Eyelashes: 3D Mink Lashes with invisible band

Bold, sexy, and alluring, Ursula false eyelashes give you the best of both beautiful worlds. These fake eyelashes deliver great length and huge volume. Their multiple layered pattern shows off a natural, thick look that will make you feel like you’re one of Hollywood’s most glamorous women. Wear them for a special evening out, or simply anytime you want all eyes on your eyes. These mink lashes are made of natural Siberian mink which was harvested in a cruelty free fashion. Because getting the hang of false eyelash application can be tricky, it’s always best to use an eyelash applicator, which simplifies things and helps to keep unwanted stuff out of your eyes. High quality eyelash adhesive is a must, and there are lots of highly rated brands, even for the most sensitive eyes.

Price: $38

Buy the 3D Mink Lashes with invisible band here.



  • Real mink delivers an authentic look
  • Very thick and curly
  • Mixed lengths and pattern create a bold look


  • Pretty darned spendy compared to most

2. Normal Choice: 3D Mink Fur Fake Eyelashes

When you bat your lashes with these babies, people with take notice. These fake lashes are popular with customers all over the world. No wonder they’re Amazon’s Choice in the category. These 3D mink eyelashes lashes look shiny and vivid. They can add a dramatic look to your eye makeup and boost your appearance instantly. Keep in mind, because of their thickness and volume, application can be a little more difficult, so these may not be the right choice for beginning false eyelash users. These deliver an amped up look, rather than a subtle natural appearance. The good news for everyone is that if they aren’t the perfect choice for you, HRLashes will accept them for return and refund your money, as long as the packaging is still in good condition. After removal, consider a natural and organic eyelid cleanser to remove adhesive residue and makeup. Also, application is a lot more simple if you have a good lighted magnifying mirror in the bathroom.

Price: $7.00

Buy the 3D Mink Fur Fake Eyelashes here.



  • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Very full and fluttery
  • Great box to keep them stored safely


  • They look more dramatic than natural
  • Probably not best for beginners
  • Thick lash strip makes them harder to apply
  • Some lash fallout reported after limited use

3. Most Affordable Mink Eyelashes: Regular Mink Lashes

These beautiful, handmade fill strip mink eyelashes can create a naturally beautiful look. They’re easy to apply and can easily be reused if you handle them with care. These shiny and soft fake lashes can be trimmed with lash and brow scissors to perfectly fit the contour of your eyes, and the you can even snip to give them the exact look you desire. They can be removed easily with eye makeup remover. These  mink eyelashes were produced with 100% mink fur, so they’re hypo-allergenic and, also important, cruelty free.

Price: $4.50

Buy the regular mink lashes here.



  • Rated five out of five stars by users (based upon limited consumer reviews)
  • Very affordable
  • Five sets means the price per pair is downright cheap
  • Thick, full and wispy


  • You may need to use eyeliner or shadow to give a more natural lash line
  • Can be somewhat difficult to apply
  • Not as natural looking some