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Why do many customers want to buy false eyelashes disappeared after the inquiry?

Have you encountered the same problem when customers want to buy false eyelashes ? The customer will not contact you after consulting with you. You may not get a reply if you send him a message or continue to contact her.
With this in mind, we had a discussion this morning.
Analyzed the problems that occurred during the communication with different false eyelash customers.

1. The price of false eyelashes is too expensive
This issue is the most common problem encountered in recent customer communications.
So the price of false eyelashes is really the most important question in the process of purchasing false eyelashes?
In fact, think about it carefully, the false eyelashes on the market, the quality is not the same, the price is almost the same. Did you miss a good supplier because of a few dollars? Regarding the choice of false eyelash suppliers, we have mentioned them in the previous blogs. If you are interested, you can look at the blog selected by the fake eyelash supplier.

We want to pass on the value of more products to our customers, instead of only focusing on the price of the products, and guide customers to have a better understanding of the advantages and characteristics of the products

2. Quality issues
Before customers want to buy false eyelashes ,Most of the false eyelash customers who are entangled in this problem have ever set low quality eyelashes from less professional false eyelash suppliers. We will provide samples to our customers to test the quality of our products. Similarly, our large goods and samples are completely handmade false eyelashes from factory craftsmen. Sincerity is our standard of practice. In good faith for sincerity.

3. Sample express shipping
Why do we choose DHL to ship to customers?
Because of his timeliness. Relatively safe in transit. Especially suitable for our customers who have high requirements for timeliness. For false eyelashes, the shipping cost is less than 20 pairs. We usually advise customers to pick a few more as a reference.

Have you encountered the same or similar problems in your career in false eyelashes?
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How to quickly get eyelashes packaging for the beginning eyelash line

Every client in the eyelash line must have four basic elements.It’s eyelashes, eyelash boxes, marketing channels and sales people. These four elements form the foundation of an eyelash business.Only these four aspects have, can form a complete business chain.This is well known, but often overlooked by customers.These four factors are the strategic direction of a company, even if the company is only you.These four factors support the growth of your business and determine how far you go.Just like building a building, it is possible to build a tall building only after the foundation has been laid.Otherwise it’s just a dangerous building!

Eyelash packaging box is a very important factor that affects eyelash Line

Lashes packaging is an integral part of the entire eyelash business, and it is an integral part of highlighting eyelashes.Just imagine, if the eyelashes are simply placed on the plastic bottom, without any foil, the customer will not be interested in this product.Everyone is interested in beautiful things, so are the eyelashes.Of course, this is secondary, not primary.

Choosing the right packaging is very important for your beginning eyelash business.It can be said to be a long-term strategic development problem.However, at the beginning of the business, due to lack of funds and experience, most of the customers who just started the business did not have the ability to customize the eyelash boxes they were satisfied with.Many new customers will contact a large number of suppliers online to ask about customized boxes, which not only wastes a lot of time, but also makes it difficult to find a supplier that can provide high-quality boxes at a low price.So, choose a price substantial, deliver fast eyelash box to be very helpful to most novice.

Our company has customized a batch of eyelash sample boxes for customers who just started to do eyelash line.

This mass-customised eyelash sample box has several


1. Mass customization and low price.These sample eyelash boxes are customized from the factory, with a minimum order quantity of up to 3000 pieces.Is unacceptable for many customers.The mass-custom sample boxes all sell $1 each from our stock now, more than half the price of the custom boxes.The price is very good.

2. You can customize own logo.Although these boxes are customized by us, we cannot print the customer’s own logo on the boxes.But we can make a logo sticker and put it on the plastic bottom.Or directly printed on the back, both beautiful and cheap.

These boxes are customized by us according to market demand, there may be many similar boxes on the market. There are not many styles of these eyelash boxes, it is difficult to meet the aesthetic needs of all customers, and some customers may not like this style.

3. Our mass-custom eyelash sample boxes just to help our eyelash partners get through the tough times and save our costs.If you don’t like the eyelash sample boxes we have in stock, or don’t think they can open the market without features.We are fully able to customize your eyelash box to lay the foundation for your long-term business development.

I personally think that if I don’t have the experience of customizing the box and want to start my own lashes business, it is better to use our eyelash sample box first and quickly build up the eyelash line.Wait for a period of development, have their own experience and economic strength, and then customize their own lash box.Sometimes things progress step by step, there is no need to rush.

When you get to the tower, you see a different view and your mind changes from when you were on the ground.

I hope that I said will be helpful to you.


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