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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor

As the Most Professional Mink eyelashes Vendor,Always put the needs of customers first. The false eyelash related products that customers need are the direction of our development. Everything from the customer’s point of view, together to create a market value for false eyelashes customers!Eyelashes related products are being sold! Mink eyelash,Faux Mink Eyelashes,Eyelash Glue,Eyelash Applicators,Eyelash Brushes,Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes,False eyelash tweezersFalse eyelash displayEyelash Books,etc.

Each Eyelashes Products Has It’s Own Official certification.Every false eyelash product that is sent from our factory can only be sent after 5 quality inspection procedures. There is no quality problem! However, if your family or friends are not satisfied with our mink lashes, we can also return for you. After all, there are a thousand Shakespeare with a thousand Hamlets.

For More Information About How to Get lashes Sample Or Make The First Order From eyelashes vendor-HRLashes. Please Kindly Following The Information in The Footer .

As the most Popular eyelashes vendor,We are willing to Help More and More Beauty practitioners to Realize their Eyelash Entrepreneurial Dream,Become more beautiful and richer.So far, we have united nearly 3,000 false eyelash brands to successfully promote their mink eyelash brands and have won very good eyelash market feedback! HRLashes is your best choice for false eyelashes business!


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New Arrival Curlety Free Mink eyelashes with Custom Packaging Boxes

Wholesale Curlety Free Mink eyelashes is the philosophy of our company’s sustainable development.We insist that people and nature live in harmony. No chemical treatment is used in the manufacture of false eyelashes. Only use a unique high temperature sterilization stereotype. We firmly believe that only in this way can the products made be completely Curlety Free and vegetarian.

mink eyelash

For This New Arrival Mink eyelashes set .The Lashes boxes raw materials used are laser paper. The magnet false eyelash box contains 2 pairs of false eyelashes, a mink eyelash glue and a false eyelash applicator!Paired with pure white false eyelashes tray! Absolutely the next explosion in the eyelashes market! Please contact us as soon as possible to make a reservation!Custom Logo on eyelashes Packaging Boxes Avaiable!

FAQ You May Have For Wholesale Mink eyelashes

How do you collect eyelash materials?

Our eyelash raw materials are taken from Siberian cockroaches, taken from the 1-2 year old sable tail hairs. Workers comb gently with a comb every day. We choose natural hair that is shed, and then choose the hair through the roots of the workers. The peak of the mane is collected. There is no killing of animals, we believe in the harmony between nature and humanity, and the pursuit of truth.

Is your eyelashes really Mink?

Our choice of hair is 100% true water, the animal’s hair is agile and natural, with shine. Burned to ash. The fake mane is chemical fiber, looks dull, flashy, fake. Burn into pieces. Good products must have good raw materials.