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HRLASHES Provides What False Eyelashes Customers Need!

HRLASHES is a Wholesale Mink Lashes sub-brand of CannesLashes. Dedicated to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes for many years. There are a lot of mink eyelash brands that have been promoted.

As you know from the news media. COVID-19 is spreading globally. The number of confirmed diagnoses continues to rise. This is really a terrible thing.
In the process of communicating with false eyelash customers in recent days. It took almost 30 minutes to explain to them why we need to wear masks when we go to public places. This is really a very noteworthy note!

I hope that you will always pay attention to the precautions issued by the World Health Organization and strictly abide by them! Do a good job of protection!
We don’t produce masks.
We’re just porters of masks.
HRLASHES Committed to the production and design of high-quality false eyelashes.
And A professional eyelash production suppliers.
HRLASHES is also a professional supplier of Mink eyelash packaging boxes.
For each false eyelashes order, we will give you a mask based on the order amount !
Let’s fight the virus together! Face it positively!
I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon!
Come On !

No matter where you are in the world, we worry about you as much as our own family.
Recently we also learned about the situation of many false eyelash customers. HRLASHES purchased a batch of disposable sterile masks. Free gift to our dear false eyelashes customers.
HRLASHES has always been a socially responsible company.

If you want to buy masks separately, you can contact our professional consultant directly. They provide you with official matchmaking information.


We firmly believe that this time the virus will be brought under control soon and life will soon return to normal!

You can spend time with your family. Carefully plan the new eyelash market strategy for the new year!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Strip Mink Eyelashes and Eyelash extensions

False eyelashes have become an indispensable accessory in every everyday life of beauty lovers. There are also many new customers every day to ask questions about different false eyelashes. The article you are reading is about the comparison of Strip mink eyelashes and eyelash extension.

Strip Mink eyelashes are easy to wear. Different styles can be matched according to the needs of different occasions. At present, our factory designs and sells more than 1,700 3D false eyelashes.Professional latex-free false eyelash glue paste, easy to remove before going to bed with makeup remover. Correct wearing and removing false eyelashes can be repeated 25 times.

It is easy and fast to wear the Strip Eyelashes. According to the daily makeup and occasion, you can change the strip eyelashes of different styles. It is flexible and convenient, and the style of the mating style is novel and diverse. Time to go to a specific place to graft, once grafted, it will fall off .

One of the shortcomings of false eyelashes is that the grafting time is long and the style is single.Although grafting eyelashes look more natural and realistic. But every time you wash your face, you will lose some of your false eyelashes to varying degrees. At the same time, that will also smash your own false eyelashes.

Falling false eyelashes can cause different shapes for the left and right eyes. It is necessary to fill the vacant false eyelashes, which is time consuming and laborious.There is no such problem with the false eyelashes.Easy to wear, cost-effective, and can be worn multiple times.

Do you have any better experience tips about the daily makeup of false eyelashes? Welcome to leave a message for us to share.

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Factors influencing the price of HRlashes’ eyelashes

In our conversations with new clients, there is always the problem of complaining that our eyelashes are too expensive.This is the question everyone wants to ask, what are the factors influencing the price of HRlashes’ eyelashes ? Everyone wants to buy high-quality eyelashes at a lower price.So, I’m going to write a blog about the factors that affect the pricing of our lashes.So that clients can more intuitive understanding of the price positioning.

It is a fact that the price of HRlashes’ eyelashes is higher than that of most eyelashes in the lashes wholesale market.But why do we set this price instead of 1 dollar per pair?This needs to be explained from the company , the factory and the product.


       1.Market positioning.

We have been targeting the high-grade eyelash market since our inception.Specializing in high-end eyelashes, exclusive sales of high-end eyelashes.We don’t make inferior lashes, and every pair of eyelashes is the best in the high-end market.The products of other lashes manufacturers can’t compare with us on the same price.

      2.Company location.

We are located in Qingdao, the most developed city in shandong province of China, in the largest business district of Qingdao.The cost of property, water and electricity, rent and other expenses are very high, which leads to the high operating cost of the company.

      3. Staff quality.

Our company’s eyelash sales staff are international economics and trade or English major graduates of undergraduate, have good education, very professional.Per capita base wages are high, resulting in high labor costs.


  1. Quality of workers.

Each of our lashe workers must undergo six months of training and selection, and only those who can truly convey the designer’s design concept from the drawing to eyelashes can truly stay and become employees.The long training time and high elimination rate also affect the cost.

  1. Production materials.

Our raw materials are the best in the world.Both mink hair, silk, glue and eyeliner are top of the line and well-known suppliers.This guarantees the absolute quality of our products, which is an important reason why we can stand in the high-end eyelashes market.

  1. The freight

We have cooperated with many international couriers. In order to reduce the transportation cost of customers, our current express fee is the discount price of our partners after a 30% discount of the original price.It’s very low in the lashes industry.

Product characteristics

  1. Eyelashes process

Every pair of eyelashes can only be completed after 24 procedures, and 24 manual tests and 2 check by machine.

The production of a pair of eyelashes takes about 1.2-2.5 hours from start to finish, and each process is filled with the sweat and dedication of the workers.Clients get the eyelashes are works of art made with our souls.

  1. Waste disposal

All of our unqualified eyelashes that have quality problems and workers’ improper operation result in the products not passing the inspection are considered as waste products.Mink fur and silk will not be reused.This also leads to some waste and increased production costs during production.But it also guarantees the perfect quality of each product.

      3. Product features

A.Our eyelashes are completely waterproof, washable and perfectly serviceable on rainy days.Different concerns about deformation, hair loss and other problems.

B.Our eyelashes have a service life of 25-30 times and can be reused.Low-end eyelash can use 1-2 times to be able to appear drop wool, be out of shape wait for a problem, become cannot use.

C.Our eyelashes use the most advanced technology in the world to perfectly retain the top of mink hair, making it smoother and more beautiful.This is something that 99% of the world’s eyelash manufacturers and vonders cannot do, and this is the most obvious feature of our lashes.


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