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What Do I Need to Start a Mink Lashes Business?

Wholesale Mink lashes Business Has Become an Entrepreneurial Project that Most Women will Choose.Mink Lashes does not require much investment. Not subject to regional restrictions.

Effective startup projects that can quickly withdraw funds in the short term.
Next, I will tell you some of the things you need to prepare and pay attention to in the early stage of your mink lashes business:

First you need to be clear about the consumption level of your false eyelash customers. This will help you choose whether to make high-end false eyelashes or the most popular Mink Lashes in the market.

This establishes that you can get accurate information through the local false eyelash market.
HRLashes has been in the business for almost 15 years, focusing only on producing and selling high-quality eyelashes that can be used 25 times repeatedly. If you want to know more about the high-end false eyelashes market, you can directly contact our false eyelash product manager Gloria, she will help you make a clearer plan.

After you have identified your customer base, you can start preparing your false eyelash brand. This brand will appear on the appearance of each of your false eyelash cases. Everything you do now is to gather the power of development for this brand!

After determining the brand of false eyelashes, the problem you will face is to choose the box of false eyelashes. This may cause you a headache, because there are too many raw materials for custom false eyelashes packaging boxes, and you have no idea what exactly is more suitable for the current mink eyelash market. In this case, we usually recommend custom logo stickers or 3D printed acrylic Lashes packaging for distributors who just started to create eyelash brands. This false eyelash box can be customized with short preparation time and fast delivery.
It helps you to quickly understand the market of false eyelashes around you.

Next is the most important one that determines how long your eyelashes business can grow-choose the best false eyelash production supplier!

The height of the false eyelash supplier and its own professionalism is the key to guide the development of your Mink Lashes career.
Our designer Oscar insists on originality! The big 25mm eyelashes designed by him have been popular worldwide since 2017! Each pair of false eyelashes is a unique work of art!

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Thank you very much for reading.
May every minute of your life be meaningful!

Your collection and sharing will be the greatest affirmation of our work

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How to Wholesale the Most Suitable False Eyelashes and Start an Eyelash Business?

HRLashes is the Best Wholesale Mink eyelashes Vendors.Provide all Kinds of Suitable False Eyelashes,3D Mink Eyelashes,25mm Mink Eyelashes,Vegan Mink Lashes.

wholesale eyelash vendor

A brand new 2020 is coming. Do you already have a better plan for your false eyelash career?HRLashes has also made the most suitable Eyelash wholesale solution for your reference. If You Are Just Start or on the Way to Find Secret of success.Please continue to pay attention to our Lashes website, we will continue to update high-quality false eyelash sales strategy and career sharing. Next ,I will Share a few cost-saving of Lashes Business tips.

1.Start with Hot Selling Eyelash Sample Pack to Open market.Click Here For More Details>>>>>Sample Pack

2.Creat Your Own Lashes Brand and Custom Logo on Lashes Boxes.As the Eyelash box Below.That can be Custom with Your Own Lashes Logo.This is really suitable for Start Lashes Business!

3.Most of Eyelash Vendor will Have a Big Discount by the End of a year.But We usually Do Not Often Have Discount. In fact, the Lashes discount is mainly due to the different strategies adopted by each brand. We do not discount easily because of the original intention of being responsible to each customer at a real price, so that the price of suitable false eyelashes purchased by each customer is fair. That’s why our Eyelash customers can rest assured of establishing long-term cooperative business relationships with us. Choose to cooperate with us is to choose success! We can not only provide you with Luxury false eyelashes, high-end eyelash customer service, and keen marketing strategy! Let us work together to create a bigger false eyelash market!

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How to Distinguish the Pros and Cons of the Eyelash Band?

The Development of Things Goes Back to an Order for False Eyelash Samples. Ola is Going to Start Her Own Mink Eyelash Business .A Few Days ago,She Made a Eyelash Sample Order From Our Lashes Company.The Style She Selected is the Hot Selling Mink Eyelashes 3D22C.Usually Ship Out Via DHL express.And She Received the Lashes within 3Days.

But she was Really Disappointed When She Open the Lashes Packaging. That Surprised me.Usually our false eyelash customers are very excited when they receive Mink eyelashes. Because Each pair of Eyelashes in our Lashes Factory are handmade. Each pair of Mink eyelash is an unique piece of art!

“Is There Any Problem With that Mink Eyelashes?” I Asked.

“Yes,the eyelash band is very thin.”

OMG! It’s incredible. But I also thought that because she was just starting her false eyelash career. So she didn’t know enough about many professional false eyelashes. Will be misled by those bad suppliers. It ’s so pitiful! I really want to help her.I calmed down for a few minutes and thought about how to teach her the pros and cons of Mink Lashes Band.

Dear Ola,As the Video Shows,Our Eyelash Band is Very Thin.You know this is our designer’s iterative modification time and time again based on the Lashes customer’s wearing experience. It was finally decided to use the softest cotton as the raw material for Lashes Brand.

The Mink eyelash Band is the part closest to the eyes. If the band is too thick, it can cause eye discomfort and foreign body sensation if worn for a long time. The finer the band, the more the professionalism of the manual master is tested. All the masters in our false eyelash factory have undergone rigorous training before they start making false eyelashes. The mink eyelashes made by an excellent craftsman must be worn to feel how high quality he is. It’s not about hearing what the false eyelashes business should be. You have to make your own judgment.

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You can wear the contrast and feel it. Is it thick or thin?

A few days later, she placed a wholesale mink eyelash order from our false eyelash factory. All 100 pairs of false eyelashes were sold out within 15 days. She is very happy to work with us. She is Also very grateful to us for providing her with such high-quality Mink eyelashes so that her eyelashes business will be so smooth.

She told me she suddenly wanted to understand. The thickness of the Eyelash Band is like the nail art we do. It’s much harder to draw a thin line on your nails than to draw a thick one. Test the professionalism of the manicurist more.

We have become a business partner fighting together, and she is getting better and better!

Thanks For Reading.Your subscription and reposting will be our greatest affirmation! Forward screenshots to email: for a chance to get true Mink Lashes for free Hurry up and forward comments to like it!

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If You Are Just Start New Mink Eyelash Business

If You Are Just Start New Mink Eyelashes Business,This article would help you more about Mink eyelash business.I will Told you step by step about How to Start your own eyelash business|sales line.

As the most professional, stable and innovative manufacturer of false eyelashes in China,Up to now, HRLashes has successfully promoted their own false eyelashes brand with more than 2,000 beauty entrepreneurs! Got very good lashes market feedback! You are super lucky dear! Our false eyelash product managers will use their mink eyelash marketing experience to help you better carry out your false eyelashes career!

Steps of New Mink Eyelashes Order with HRLashes

  1. Explain the difference between mink eyelash and faux mink lashes. Determine which material is the false eyelashes you want to sell.
  2. Contact the false eyelash product manager( and she will send you the corresponding false eyelash catalog
  3. Pick your favorite style from the false eyelash catalog and tell the false eyelash product manager
  4. then you will get the quote price for eyelashes. Payment method : Paypal (,Western Union(The First Name:Yuanju The Family Name:Gao The City:Qingdao )
  5. After we confirm your Payment ,the Lashes will be ship out via DHL express
  6. You will Received Lashes within 3 Days.
  7. If you Do not like the normal eyelashes packaging boxes,we could custom lashes boxes for you.

In the next article we continue to share how to complete the first customization of the false eyelash packaging box. If you come to subscribe to our website, it will be our great honor!

FAQ About How to Start New Eyelash Business


do you have eyelash samples?

Yes dear,We provide Lashes Samples to help new clients to test our eyelashes Quality.

will I be able to sample them?(means sample the lashes)

yes can Sample eyelashes first or you could make the bulk order directly.Because our Mink Eyelashes all in high Quality.If there is Any eyelashes Quality issue,We support after-sales services such as return and exchange.

I’ve just started, looking to get more info on the best ways for me to get my eyelash product etc

Glad to know you are interested in eyelash sales business!Click Here to get more info about eyelash style,eyelash packaging boxes,lashes glue also can get the eyelashes Sample pack for new client.>>>>>More Information Here