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New Arrival Curlety Free Mink eyelashes with Custom Packaging Boxes

Wholesale Curlety Free Mink eyelashes is the philosophy of our company’s sustainable development.We insist that people and nature live in harmony. No chemical treatment is used in the manufacture of false eyelashes. Only use a unique high temperature sterilization stereotype. We firmly believe that only in this way can the products made be completely Curlety Free and vegetarian.

mink eyelash

For This New Arrival Mink eyelashes set .The Lashes boxes raw materials used are laser paper. The magnet false eyelash box contains 2 pairs of false eyelashes, a mink eyelash glue and a false eyelash applicator!Paired with pure white false eyelashes tray! Absolutely the next explosion in the eyelashes market! Please contact us as soon as possible to make a reservation!Custom Logo on eyelashes Packaging Boxes Avaiable!

FAQ You May Have For Wholesale Mink eyelashes

How do you collect eyelash materials?

Our eyelash raw materials are taken from Siberian cockroaches, taken from the 1-2 year old sable tail hairs. Workers comb gently with a comb every day. We choose natural hair that is shed, and then choose the hair through the roots of the workers. The peak of the mane is collected. There is no killing of animals, we believe in the harmony between nature and humanity, and the pursuit of truth.

Is your eyelashes really Mink?

Our choice of hair is 100% true water, the animal’s hair is agile and natural, with shine. Burned to ash. The fake mane is chemical fiber, looks dull, flashy, fake. Burn into pieces. Good products must have good raw materials.


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How to Use False Eyelashes Better

As we have experienced, a pair of high quality false eyelashes can be used many times. How to use false eyelashes better ?

The mink eyelashes can be used 25-30 times, and the watery mane eyelashes can be used 15-20 times.

Of course, this requires us to take a little care when using it.

Most customers can extend the use of false eyelashes by paying attention to two aspects during the use.

Today we talk about how to wear false eyelashes better.

Gently remove the eyelashes from the box, try on the eyes, choose the length that suits you best, and cut off the excess cotton with scissors.

Apply a layer of glue to the thin film. It should be noted here that too much glue is not good for the cleaning of the eyelashes.

Wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to be semi-dry, and you can stick the false eyelashes close to the root of your eyelashes.

Do you have any other good methods for the care of false eyelashes?

You are welcome to communicate with us in the comments section.

Tomorrow we will continue to share how to better take off false eyelashes.

see you tomorrow.

Daily encouragement:

When it has is lost, brave to give up

What if the fake eyelashes are long? products information

We have a very detailed shopping guide, and choose eyelashes for your temperament, occasion, eye shape, try not to buy the wrong.
If the eyelashes are long, you can send them back.
The best solution is to cut the eyelashes into segments and separate them so that they don’t look so long.
video. (I think it should be like this. Let’s take a look.)

Can the style of the eyelashes be customized

False eyelash styles can be customized, and everyone has no one’s personality, and customization is becoming more and more popular. What do you want? For more customized information you can click to view >>>>> here

What is the difference between transparent eyelashes and black eyeliner?

The comfort of the transparent stem and the black eyeliner varies according to the individual’s feelings. I personally think that the black stem is more comfortable, the black is the cotton stem, and it is easier to inhale the glue, so that the eyelashes are more firmly bonded.
The transparent stem is a fish thread that is not very easy to inhale.
From the perspective of the eyeliner, the color of the transparent stalk eyeliner is more flexible.
Black is best with a black eyeliner.

The eyelashes are very expensive. Are you sure that it can be used 20 times repeatedly? How can I trust you?

It can be used more than 20 times. Follow the instructions, carefully take it, and save it is no problem. There is no need to lie to you, we want to do long-term business, not a one-time business. We regard the quality of our products as a life!