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Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes with Logo

If You are Just Start Your own Eyelash Business,This Article Will Help You this Article,We will introduce you to some of the most popular mink eyelashes Packaging boxes in the recent false eyelash market.

HRL Lashes is Not only the Professional false eyelash manufacturer but also the stable eyelash packaging boxes vendor.We can custom All kinds of Lashes Boxes you want.Suitable for Different Length of Mink eyelashes.If you are just start your own eyelash business.You May Have Many Questions About Select the Mink Lashes Boxes.I have sorted out some of the questions that false eyelash customers who have consulted recently about eyelash packaging boxes for your reference.

Which boxes suitable for 3D mink eyelashes?

It’s Hard to Say dear.Classified from the current raw materials used, the false eyelash packaging box has acrylic false eyelash packaging box, cardboard box, false eyelash magnet box, special paper box, etc.The size of each false eyelash box can be customized according to the length of the false eyelashes. The following US dollar box is very popular in the false eyelash market! Very popular!

What is the MOQ for eyelash boxes?

Dear,There is not have MOQ for sample eyelashes boxes. In order to Better develop your false eyelash market with customers. We have customized a range of sample boxes. Ample inventory, guaranteed delivery within 2 days. Do not delay your sales. Sample false eyelashes are priced at $0.5-3.
If you need to customize a custom box with your own label. Considering the cost of shipping and the production of the box, we usually recommend 100-300 customers.

Can I get this kind of box with $0.7? I am Comparing three suppliers and choose one as my long-term eyelash product vendor.

Thanks for your question and your sincerity.If your one-time purchase is 3000 eyelash boxes,we can do $0.85 per lashes box for you.
Dear,you know.For mink eyelash packaging boxes,Just Like the mink eyelashes product.In order to obtain more profits, some suppliers will control the cost of raw materials. We always insist on supplying the best products to every cooperating false eyelash customer and resolutely put an end to inferior raw materials. So considering the cost, $0.7 per boxes is didn’t work.Sorry. I hope we have the opportunity to build a long-term friendly and win-win partnership.

A Part of Wholesale Mink Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Wholesale Mink eyelash packaging boxes with glitter paper.

Custom lashes packaging boxes with logo and mirror

3D Faux Mink eyelash empty boxes with gold pink glitter paper.

If you still have other Questions About Eyelash packaging box or Lashes business,Feel free to contact us on line or email by

And For Next Article,We will Introducing a false eyelash box with custom acrylic material.If you feel that our article is helpful to you and share it with your circle of friends, it will be a great honor for us!Thanks For Your Reading.Wish You Have A Great Day!

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How to improve aesthetics | Design aesthetic color card sharing|Color for the false eyelashes packaging boxes

Hey This is HRLashes. After completing the day’s work on false eyelashes , let us talk about custom false eyelashes packaging boxes , I want to share with you the color matching of a set of fake eyelashes. Give your eyes a relax. Regardless of whether you are in the false eyelash industry, I hope this blog will help you.



Deep Coffee

Deep Chestnut


Light Steel Blue

Light Gray

Olive Green

Rosy Brown


Light Steel Blue

Steel Blue


Light Gray


Sandy Brown


Dark Brown



Dark Slate Gray


Dark Sea Green



Hot Pink



Midnight Blue


Light Coral

Rosy Brown

Slate Gray

Midnight Blue


Lemon Chiffon

Dark Orange

Saddle Brown



Deep Sky Blue

Light Sky Blue

Light Steel Blue

Dark Sea Green



Dark Teal

Light Cade Blue

Light Sea Green


Light Steel Blue

Pale Turquoise

Light Gray

Dark Cyan


Light Gray

Dark Turquoise

Light Cyan

Papaya Whip


Light Steel Blue





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About the false eyelashes packaging box color , I will share it here ,Different colors convey different feelings,  Contact me to get more high-end lashes and  packages information, Add my whatsapp :+ 86 175 6168 7023 .

Eyelashes Packaging Boxes