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Silk lashes – the most characteristic of Chinese


                                                                                                                                                                   Silk Han Chinese Clothing   

  Silk Clothing
Silk Clothing

Do you like Chinese silk products?Chinese silk has a history more than 2,000 years and is the most famous ancient silk country in the world.Chinese silk products are exquisite, elegant, beautiful and durable.Since the middle ages, it has been warmly sought after by western countries, and it has been popular all over the world and welcomed by friends from all over the world.In the world, silk and porcelain are called two great treasures of China.

                                                         Silk Cheongsam                                     â€œcheongsam”的图片搜索结果

Silk lashes is a great innovation of our company.At first we used horse hair and human hair as the main ingredients for our eyelashes.After a period of time found that these two materials made of eyelashes have great disadvantages.For example, the curvature is easy to change, easy to break and other problems, which seriously affect their service life.After years of management and improvement, we are determined to find new materials and innovative new products.So we found mink fur and silk are eyelash materials with historical significance, starting a new starting point of eyelash industry.This is silk lashes.



Original silk
Original silk


Faux Mink
Faux Mink

                                                                                                                   Mink fur

HRlashes’silk lashes is the best silk from hangzhou, the silk capital in China.Every spring, silkworm farmers get busy because silkworms begin to grow.Every day, silkworm farmers need to find high-quality mulberry leaves for these baby silkworms.Silkworm farmers in hangzhou plant mulberry trees around their houses, which provide plenty of food for the silkworm babies.After more than 50 days of growth, these baby silkworms become pupae.Hangzhou silkworm farmers have thousands of years of rich experience in extracting silk from silkworm pupae.All our eyelashes are made of silk produced by the first batch of silkworm pupae in hangzhou in spring.

The best silk is made of the best silk lashes.

The characteristics of our silk lashes are very light, natural, very pliable, not easy to bend, not easy to break hair, waterproof and long service life.Those of you who had worn our eyelashes should know this.Based on this unique material and our advanced technology and rich experience, we can produce silk lashes of high quality.

Because silk is from silkworm chrysalis, silk lash are lighter than mink lashes without any sense of burden.It feels very smooth, like a cheongsam.Silk eyelash is very durable, with a service life of 25-30 times.In rainy days, there will be no bending, shedding and other phenomena.

Silk lashes has the most characteristic of Chinese , the eyelashes that a silkworm chrysalis dedicates to come from lifetime.Both beautiful and precious, please treat it as a work of art.

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