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We are the largest and most professional manufacturer of Mink eyelashes in China. Our Lashes factory was founded in 2011. It has accumulated decades of experience in false mink eyelash production and Lashes customized design. The False Mink eyelashes produced by our Mink lashes factory are almost perfect. After years of experience in the sales of the global false eyelashes market, we constantly understand the various problems encountered by our customers in the sales process, And given the appropriate response. At the same time, it also helps customers to grow and complete market development to a certain extent.

Not only that, but we also have our own team of designers to provide you with a full range of eyelashes design services to meet your design needs. We have a series false eyelash box for you to choose from, you can also give us the style of your favorite false eyelash boxes. We have our own printing equipment and box production equipment. This ensures the stability of the mink eyelash boxes supply chain and timely delivery.For More Boxes details .Contact Catherine by email: or WhatsApp (online):008617561687023

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Boxes|Empty Eyelashes boxes

Our design team can provide you with a full range of false eyelash box design customization services.

The Birth of the First Generation of Mink False Eyelashes

Natural Mink eyelashes are the first generation of Mink hair. When other Lashes suppliers in the market are still doing silk lashes|chemical fiber false eyelashes, Our false eyelash designer Oscar began to look for a more natural raw material for false eyelashes. After a period of production and trial wear, he finally chose the mink hair. In this way, the first generation of mink hair false eyelashes was officially introduced to the market. Natural eyelashes look elegant, a classic style of everyday work and life, and a must-have for every office lady who pursues beauty and loves beauty. The market waiting for us to develop together is huge.

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Stable wholesale false eyelash supply chain

In the Internet age, competition is fierce, speed is very important, and customers are growing faster than you think, so ensuring a stable supply chain is crucial. The factory and stable supply chain are the heart of the company, only the heart is strong and strong. Your body can be healthy. If the supply chain is unstable, your company will quickly shrink in the late stage of development because there is no goods to make competitors enter quickly. And with our factory, you don’t have to worry about these issues at all. Our factory is a strong backing for your false eyelash market development!

Cohesive false eyelash sales team

We have excellent corporate culture related to false eyelashes, eyelash design team, packaging design team, human resources administrative team, false eyelash marketing team, and logistics packaging team to help customers solve various problems in the sales process in a timely and accurate manner. I believe that if you cooperate with a company like ours, you will also feel our focus and professionalism! You will definitely become an elite in the false eyelash industry!

Production Description Of A 13MM Mink Lashes

1. Eyelash band

width: 0.5-1.0mm

material: 100%  cotton

thickness: 0.4-0.6mm

length: 25-30mm,half lashes is 25 mm.

Can be Custom in Any Length Follow Your Requirment.


2. Synthetic fur

length:13mm or customized length.

quality of synthetic fur: the best quality.

curl: natural,and accept custom curl.

3. Free Quality Sample Test Avaiable

The most stable and reliable false eyelash supplier _HRLashes offers free mink eyelash samples. Let new customers understand the quality of our false eyelashes more intuitively. High-quality eyelashes develop the high-end false eyelash market. Choosing our false eyelashes is the choice of success! Please contact us as soon as possible! Thank you