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Onlycanas Eyelashes Always Be With You During This Hard Coronavirus Time!

Challenges and opportunities coexist

As the world continues to respond to the growing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Coronavirus time is coming. we onlycanas pay tribute to all affected professional eyelashes, their customers and their communities. In addition, I hope you will remain safe and healthy at this challenging time.

In this special Coronavirus time, As a we pay special attention to quality control and quality assurance: In order to ensure high-quality products, we have formulated quality control and quality assurance policies from product development, production, sales and service, and supply.

Our workers, in the process of making eyelashes, are wearing work clothes with disposable masks and disposable gloves and other disposable consumables. Our workers are healthy and have many years of production of eyelashes. We guarantee each pair Eyelashes are carefully made and safe. Our production workshops are neat and strictly disinfected to ensure that each of our eyelashes is welcomed and loved by customers.

For hot -selling eyelashes, we have prepared in advance, we have prepared sufficient inventory, can meet different types of eyelashes customers small batch orders, as long as you want to place an order, our delivery is still timely and forceful.


In this special Coronavirus time, maybe your customers will be restricted in travel, maybe your temporary sales and demand will be reduced, but in our view, challenges and opportunities coexist, and many of our old customers’ orders have not decreased , And it continues to increase. At the same time, they set aside more time to maintain close contact with us, consult and communicate the details of products and orders. They are as convinced as we are that the new crown epidemic will pass, and then everyone will be active When everything rises back to normal, consumption and demand at that time will show a blowout breakthrough. In order to avoid the accumulation of production and delivery, our old customers are proactive and place orders normally. Maybe you have just been engaged in the eyelash industry, and have not experienced this epidemic before you start. It is recommended that you use this opportunity to expand the sales channel of the eyelashes online platform. I hope you must have confidence.

Please follow common precautions, wear masks when going out, wash hands frequently, and temporarily avoid going to public places where there are as many people as possible.If your mask is in short supply, please tell us, Onlycanas are happy to prepare sufficient masks and related products for you. My whatsapp:+0086 175 6168 7023 .

Your success and safety are what we look forward to! We fight alongside you!

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