DSZ series is our latest natural silk lashes launched in 2019.The main reason for the launch of the eyelash collection was to see a big change in the Middle East market after attending the Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai in April.This eyelash is the series with the shortest length and least number of eyelashes among our current products.Take up the feeling more natural, more frivolous, like covered with a gauze, there is no sense of weight.

2019NEW DSZ002

2019NEW DSZ003

2019NEW DSZ004


2019NEW DSZ005



2019NEW DSZ007



2019NEW DSZ009



2019NEW DSZ011



2019NEW DSZ012


2019NEW DSZ012A




2019NEW DSZ040



2019NEW DSZ042



2019NEW DSZ045



2019NEW DSZ046



2019NEW DSZ059





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