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What Kind of False eyelashes are Suitable for Me at the Beginning of the eyelash Business?

Eyelash business The beginning is equal to half the success! There is a recent saying that is very popular: it’s not the false eyelashes that beat you but the cross-border competitors.As in Avatar cross-border marketing Octopus.Cross-crossing, as the name implies, is a combination of multiple cross-border approaches, from products to channels to marketing. It can be said that it is a fusion of the various ways we have seen above. This year’s hit “Avatar” is a model of crossover.

More and more people are aware of the important position of Mink eyelashes in people’s lives. At the same time, I also want to get a piece of market. They have begun to pay attention to the cause of eyelash business . With the arrival of 3D Mink eyelashes and stocking seasons. We have also helped many new false eyelashes sales customers implement their own brand of eyelashes. And slowly grew the sales channel. I wish every false eyelash dealer can harvest better ones in this year’s fake eyelash business sales season!

Fashion curling thick series false eyelashes -Professional false eyelash wholesaler recommended

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I want to teach my clients to choose eyelashes. Do you have any good suggestions?

Choose eyelashes from several angles: according to personal temperament, according to eye type, participation occasions
Temperament selection:
Intellectual elegance chooses our A series natural models>>>Click to Get More About A Series
Graceful choice of our 3D models>>>>>>>>>>>Click Here to Get More About 3D Mink Lashes
Avant-garde fashion chooses our 25MM big eyelashes>>>>>>>Click Here to Get More About 25mm Lashes
Good and cool, choose our DOUBLE LAYER>>>>>>>>>Click Here to Get More About 25mm Lashes
Eye type selection:
Deep eye socket selection length 16MM-25MM
Shallow eye socket selection length 13MM -25MM
This type of eye shape is suitable for selecting a style that is longer and longer from the inside out, and lengthens the end of the eye to form a cat’s eye.
Suitable for 3D styles, semi-circular eyelashes magnify the eyes.
Occasion selection:
Star Red Carpet: 20-25MM Big Eyelashes, Good Stage!
Festive party: 16-20mm big eyelashes, focus on the audience!
Daily work: 13-16MM big eyelashes, smart and natural!
What you like is the most beautiful!

The eyelashes I ordered from you have not been sold, can I return it?

Sorry dear, our products are not returned without quality problems. If you don’t sell it, if you don’t think you can’t sell it, there is really no hope. Hope is the most beautiful among all things, and the most beautiful things will never die! Find more reasons, our products are very popular, there must be a way. If you encounter difficulties, please contact me, I am always at your service, contact information….. You will succeed!