20mm Mink Eyelashes

 18-22mm 3D mink lashes

Discover More Beautiful with 20-22mm 3D Mink Eyelashes

HRLashes is wholesale Mink eyelashes Manufacturer.The self-designed false eyelash 3D series is very popular in the US mink lashes market. It is not obvious that the 16mm 3D is worn by customers with deeper eye sockets. So our team of designers designed the 18-22mm series of Mink eyelashes.Customers with deep eye sockets wear this fake eyelashes for a more agile look.

Below is  20-22mm false eyelash catalogue display, please choose the style you like to contact us.

20-22mm Mink lashes Hot selling in the World Eyelash market!

20-22mm Mink Eyelashes is most popular during the world wide eyelash Market .The raw materials of Mink eyelashes are carefully selected from the natural growth of the water mink. Totally cruelty free Mink eyelashes.

HRLashes is the largest, most reliable and most innovative manufacturer of false eyelashes in China. We find the demand for the global false lashes market with the most keen sense of smell, and the most rapid innovation for the requirement of mink eyelash customers. Eyelash series products.
Not only that, but we can also provide you with a variety of boutique eyelash packaging box label customization!
We like “Think different, Make Different” to meet the individual requirement of our mink eyelash customers. We also welcome creative customers. Your unique and innovative idea is a shining part of your false eyelashes career!Grasp this idea and join hands with us to create a new glory in the false eyelash market!


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By the Way,We can customize all kinds of false eyelashes and  eyelashes packaging boxes according to your requirement.
Your requirements are our mission. We will Try our Best to help you with Build and Achieve your eyelash dreams!

NO.1 DM01

NO.2 DM02

NO.3 DM03

NO.4 DM04

NO.5 DM05

NO.6 DM06

NO.7 DM07

NO.8 DM08

NO.9 DM09

NO.10 DM09A

Grace applys to DM 20MM 3D MINK LASHES

Production Description Of DM 20MM 3D Mink Lashes:

1.lashes band

     width: 0.5-1.0mm

     material: 100% cotton

     thickness: 0.4-0.6mm

     length: 25-30mm,half lashes is 25 mm.


2.mink fur

     length:18-22mm or customized length.

     quality of synthetic fur: the best quality.

     curl: 3d,and accept custom curl.

3. min.order is 1 pair

Product Apply

Custom Mink lashes Packaging Boxes

HRLashes not only the Best Mink eyelashes Manufacturer But also the Best Quality Mink eyelashes Packaging Boxes Vendor .

In order to help customers better sell false eyelashes. Our team selects the highest quality false eyelashes box to match the customization.And the Boxes Below is Custom for other Clients before For your renference.If you have any other good idea come to your mind about custom Pckaging Boxes .please feel free to contact us by emial: catherine@qdcannes.com   

A good false eyelash packaging box can improve the grade of the eyelashes. The packaging of Mink eyelashes is like the outerwear of false eyelashes. Just like when we see a person, the first thing I see is his clothes. When we see a wholesale mink eyelash, it will also be attracted by its external appearance. A suitable custom false eyelash packaging boxes will improve the grade of false eyelashes. The lashes packaging is exquisite in workmanship and exquisite in pattern. It can reflect the uniqueness of false eyelashes and is very popular among customers.

What is the Mink lashes come with ?

How to Make a mink lashes Order From HRLashes ?

  1. Refer to the false eyelash catalogue and choose the style you like.
  2. Please tell us the number and quantity of eyelashes you want by the following way, and Our Eyelash Product Manager will serve you.
  3. After we confirm your Payment,the Mink lashes will be ship out via DHL express.
  4. You Will Received the Lashes within 3 Days.

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