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NO.2 X002


Mink bottom lashes Description:

Mink bottom lashes,this is our new products,we start to do it from the beginning of 2018,we can do it with black band and clear band,and also accept custom styles too! More we have 7 styles,because of less people to buy bottom lashes,so we haven’t put a lot a time on it,but if in future more and more clients want mink bottom lashes,we will design more and more styles for you too choose.

Descricptions about bottom lashes:

  1. length of mink fur: 5-6mm
  2. length of eye line:28-29mm
  3. material of eye line: 100% cottom

In order to do perfect products,all material we choose the best ones,because we think that only use best materials can do the perfect if you want perfect lashes,we are your best choose!!!


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