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Mink Eyelashes: Top 3 Best Sets

We’re obsessed with our eyelashes. Faced with thousands of advertising images each day, showing women and men with amazing, perfectly lined and shadowed eyes, topped with incredibly lush lashes, it’s awfully hard not to covet them. But not everyone is blessed with such amazing lashes. It’s not surprising that our makeup drawers are filled with mascaraseyelash curlers and eyelash growth serum. We’re all after “the look”, and these products help us achieve it, sort of. But for special occasions, and even everyday wear, false eyelashes can deliver that uber-glam impact, pretty simply, especially when they’re made of natural mink. Plus, they’re surprisingly affordable.

False eyelashes can be made of many things, from synthetic fibers to human hair. But the hot ticket, for fake lashes is mink fur. We’re not just talking a simple row of strands, although some fake eyelashes do offer that for a more natural appearance. Mink eyelashes are ultra-popular because of their beautiful sheen, curl and shaggy look. When you see lashes described as 3D, it means lots of the fine little mink hairs are fanned out over one another, and when applied right, make a giant visual impact. Now, there are even 6D lashes, but as you might imagine, these are even longer, thicker and way more dramatic. No matter which fake eyelashes you choose, with a little practice, you’ll become a pro at application.

As you’ll discover, mink eyelashes are a bit more expensive than your drugstore variety fakes. Despite their higher price, one reason these false eyelashes are exploding in popularity, in addition to their beautiful look, is their long lasting wear. Some mink eyelashes can last seven to ten wearings, with careful removal and proper care. Other lash makers claim their mink lashes can last for as many as 25 wearings. Although most users would dispute that claim, they do say they’re much longer lasting and totally worth the extra investment.

As you peruse this list of the best mink eyelashes, keep in mind, your purchase doesn’t stop here. None of them are self adhesive, and none come with separate eyelash adhesive. You’ll want to order some along with your lashes, so you don’t plan for a big reveal and discover you’ve got no way to stick them to your lids. An eyelash applicatorcan help you to apply them with better accuracy. Also, be vigilant about careful removal and clean-up. Some lashes call for specific types of makeup removers, and micellar water is always a great option for its unique ability to gently dissolve away makeup residue, lash adhesive, and to safely clean your lashes to extend wear.

Mink eyelashes are a great and fun option to amp up your look, and when you bat those fluffy lashes, the world will take notice. Are you daring enough to try them? Here are our recommendations for Mink Eyelashes: Top 3 Best Sets.

1. Most Luxurious Mink Eyelashes: 3D Mink Lashes with invisible band

Bold, sexy, and alluring, Ursula false eyelashes give you the best of both beautiful worlds. These fake eyelashes deliver great length and huge volume. Their multiple layered pattern shows off a natural, thick look that will make you feel like you’re one of Hollywood’s most glamorous women. Wear them for a special evening out, or simply anytime you want all eyes on your eyes. These mink lashes are made of natural Siberian mink which was harvested in a cruelty free fashion. Because getting the hang of false eyelash application can be tricky, it’s always best to use an eyelash applicator, which simplifies things and helps to keep unwanted stuff out of your eyes. High quality eyelash adhesive is a must, and there are lots of highly rated brands, even for the most sensitive eyes.

Price: $38

Buy the 3D Mink Lashes with invisible band here.



  • Real mink delivers an authentic look
  • Very thick and curly
  • Mixed lengths and pattern create a bold look


  • Pretty darned spendy compared to most

2. Normal Choice: 3D Mink Fur Fake Eyelashes

When you bat your lashes with these babies, people with take notice. These fake lashes are popular with customers all over the world. No wonder they’re Amazon’s Choice in the category. These 3D mink eyelashes lashes look shiny and vivid. They can add a dramatic look to your eye makeup and boost your appearance instantly. Keep in mind, because of their thickness and volume, application can be a little more difficult, so these may not be the right choice for beginning false eyelash users. These deliver an amped up look, rather than a subtle natural appearance. The good news for everyone is that if they aren’t the perfect choice for you, HRLashes will accept them for return and refund your money, as long as the packaging is still in good condition. After removal, consider a natural and organic eyelid cleanser to remove adhesive residue and makeup. Also, application is a lot more simple if you have a good lighted magnifying mirror in the bathroom.

Price: $7.00

Buy the 3D Mink Fur Fake Eyelashes here.



  • Rated 4.3 out of five stars by users
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Very full and fluttery
  • Great box to keep them stored safely


  • They look more dramatic than natural
  • Probably not best for beginners
  • Thick lash strip makes them harder to apply
  • Some lash fallout reported after limited use

3. Most Affordable Mink Eyelashes: Regular Mink Lashes

These beautiful, handmade fill strip mink eyelashes can create a naturally beautiful look. They’re easy to apply and can easily be reused if you handle them with care. These shiny and soft fake lashes can be trimmed with lash and brow scissors to perfectly fit the contour of your eyes, and the you can even snip to give them the exact look you desire. They can be removed easily with eye makeup remover. These  mink eyelashes were produced with 100% mink fur, so they’re hypo-allergenic and, also important, cruelty free.

Price: $4.50

Buy the regular mink lashes here.



  • Rated five out of five stars by users (based upon limited consumer reviews)
  • Very affordable
  • Five sets means the price per pair is downright cheap
  • Thick, full and wispy


  • You may need to use eyeliner or shadow to give a more natural lash line
  • Can be somewhat difficult to apply
  • Not as natural looking some