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Magnetic eyelashes Magnetic eyeliner

Hrlashes as a famous high-quality beautiful lashes vendors wholesale which is focusing on best handmade mink lashes and handmade faux mink lashes wholesale, Now Hrlashes has launched magnetic eyelashes , natural magnetic eyelashes total 9style , The latest magnet eyelashes have stable performance ,In fact ,Magnetic Lashes are Glue-Free False Lashes.

The difference between magnet eyelashes and normal eyelashes is that magnets are attached to the magnet strip eyelashes band, The magnet is divided into positive and negative poles , Between magnets and magnets, the homage is ostracized and attracted by the heterodox

Therefore, when pasting a small magnet into the lash strap, you need to be very careful and careful, if the paste is reversed, the magnet eyelashes can not be used, Magnet eyelashes are delicate, even if pasted on the magnet, wearing is still very light, eyelids do not have a sense of weight.

Here’s a catalog photo of the magnet eyelashes, a total of 9, and of course if you need other styles of magnet eyelashes, we can also customize them for you.

Magnetic Lashes Catalog Magnet Strip Lashes

About magnet eyelashes , some customers also have some questions, answer a few questions of customers, hoping to help you

1.Can you sleep with magnetic lashes on?

No, you shouldn’t sleep with your Hrlash magnetic eyelash still on. We highly recommend that you can remove your magnetic lashes before getting your beauty sleep whether that’s a quick nap or your 8 hours. Keeping your magnetic lash styles on while you snooze could damage them permanently.  Remove the magnet eyelashes and place them carefully in the box to help the magnet eyelashes regain their shape. 

2.How many times can magnetic lashes be worn?

Magnetic lashes are reusable.they are reusable up to about 25 times,   They aren’t one and done. After you use them, you can give them a gentle clean, and they will be good to go again. Putting the magnet eyelashes in the box will protect you very well . As they have a much longer lifespan than regular false lashes

3.Can you wear magnetic lashes everyday?

Yes , Magnetic eyelashes can be used daily as they don’t require any lash glue.

Welcome to order Magnet eyelashes samples pack for testing and wearing ,  the sample pack kit includes magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner ,  soft Faux mink lashes , Lightweight and easy to remove, Also you can apply your magnet lashes very easy .Contact Catherine whatsapp.

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