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If You Are Just Start New Mink Eyelash Business

If You Are Just Start New Mink Eyelashes Business,This article would help you more about Mink eyelash business.I will Told you step by step about How to Start your own eyelash business|sales line.

As the most professional, stable and innovative manufacturer of false eyelashes in China,Up to now, HRLashes has successfully promoted their own false eyelashes brand with more than 2,000 beauty entrepreneurs! Got very good lashes market feedback! You are super lucky dear! Our false eyelash product managers will use their mink eyelash marketing experience to help you better carry out your false eyelashes career!

Steps of New Mink Eyelashes Order with HRLashes

  1. Explain the difference between mink eyelash and faux mink lashes. Determine which material is the false eyelashes you want to sell.
  2. Contact the false eyelash product manager( and she will send you the corresponding false eyelash catalog
  3. Pick your favorite style from the false eyelash catalog and tell the false eyelash product manager
  4. then you will get the quote price for eyelashes. Payment method : Paypal (,Western Union(The First Name:Yuanju The Family Name:Gao The City:Qingdao )
  5. After we confirm your Payment ,the Lashes will be ship out via DHL express
  6. You will Received Lashes within 3 Days.
  7. If you Do not like the normal eyelashes packaging boxes,we could custom lashes boxes for you.

In the next article we continue to share how to complete the first customization of the false eyelash packaging box. If you come to subscribe to our website, it will be our great honor!

FAQ About How to Start New Eyelash Business


do you have eyelash samples?

Yes dear,We provide Lashes Samples to help new clients to test our eyelashes Quality.

will I be able to sample them?(means sample the lashes)

yes can Sample eyelashes first or you could make the bulk order directly.Because our Mink Eyelashes all in high Quality.If there is Any eyelashes Quality issue,We support after-sales services such as return and exchange.

I’ve just started, looking to get more info on the best ways for me to get my eyelash product etc

Glad to know you are interested in eyelash sales business!Click Here to get more info about eyelash style,eyelash packaging boxes,lashes glue also can get the eyelashes Sample pack for new client.>>>>>More Information Here

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New Arrival Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Packaging Boxes

I am So Excited to introduce you to our new arrival mink eyelashes box!

2 Pairs Mink eyelashes boxes with eyelashes glue and eyelashes Applicator.Which Lashes Boxes are Most Popular in USA market Especially suitable for 25mm mink eyelashes

2 Pairs False eyelashes with lashes glue and eyelashes Applicators.With the continuous development of false eyelash international trade. HRLashes has also gradually expanded its production range. From professional false eyelashes production suppliers, to professional mink eyelash packaging boxes vendors, to professional false eyelash glue suppliers. Every step has a successful mark! Every step is inseparable from the support and support of false eyelash customers from all over the world! Thank you for your trust!

Sunny box For Mink Eyelashes .Why We called it Sunny boxes? Do You Know Why? Because It’s Color is as beautiful as a rainbow.Full of energy!You are welcome to discuss your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Fashion leopard Lashes box.

Marble pattern bronzing two pairs of eyelashes

Silver with window irregular packing lashes box

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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendors

As the Most Professional Mink eyelashes Vendors,Always put the needs of customers first. The false eyelash related products that customers need are the direction of our development. Everything from the customer’s point of view, together to create a market value for false eyelashes customers!Eyelashes related products are being sold! Mink eyelashes,Faux Mink Eyelashes,Eyelashes Glue,Eyelashes Applicators,Eyelashes Brushes,Custom Eyelashes Packaging Boxes,False eyelash tweezersFalse eyelash displayEyelashes Books,etc.

Each Eyelashes Products Has It’s Own Official certification.Every false eyelash product that is sent from our factory can only be sent after 5 quality inspection procedures. There is no quality problem! However, if your family or friends are not satisfied with our products, we can also return for you. After all, there are a thousand Shakespeare with a thousand Hamlets.

For More Information About How to Get Samples Or Make The First One Order From HRLashes. Please Kindly Following The Information in The Footer .

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For New Mink Eyelashes Clients

Wholesale Mink eyelashes become more and more popular for SOHO.And now Many new eyelash clients come to ask How to start lashes business?distinguish mink eyelashes and faux mink ?How to apply lashes ?How…..Here I have compiled some daily questions and answers for your reference. If you have other things you want to know. You can leave a message in the comment area. thank you very much!

Can I offer discounts on the price of my starting business?

Hello, thank you for your question. Each of our pair of false eyelashes is handcrafted from the finest raw materials. There are operating costs, and depending on the quantity you ordered, this price is already very favorable. Please understand. Because the operation of the factory is not a person can make a decision. It is the common effort and efforts of all the staff of our team. Now you are also our partner, I hope we can work together to develop a better quality false eyelashes market!

I don’t know how to choose eyelashes to start my eyelashes. Can you help me?

Yes dear .You Could Click Here and get more for new start eyelashes Sample Pack .

For the first time, how can I believe that your eyelashes can bring me business?

That’s a Good Question honey.What can we give you ?That’s a Question. What I have to say is that in addition to the quality false eyelash market. We can’t give you complaints from other customers, customer complaints, low quality false eyelashes. Because the quality of our false eyelashes is really very good. The agent business with us is gradually expanding!

Please provide some eyelash details

False eyelashes are made of cotton. Soft and docile. Using a unique styling technique, the combination of Mink fur and cotton thread creates a pair of false eyelashes.

Faux looks so real, will it be marketed as a mink?

Hello, no intention to offend. But your question is a bit too much. We do not recommend that you do this. Because of the two false eyelashes, he is essentially different. This shoddy will only damage the original false eyelashes market! Integrity is the foundation of a business.

Will the custom-length false eyelashes do the same style as the photos he gave you?

Yes dear ,Your are right !Our designers can customize the false eyelashes you need according to your requirements!

How can you make sure that you make EXACTLY what I want on the box?

With our rigorous quality inspection steps and over the years, we have helped build more than 2,000 false eyelash brands to promote their own brands. Customized false eyelashes are a very simple routine for us. You don’t need to worry about his quality at all. Because of all your concerns, we have considered it. And we are all very good to help you avoid the emergence and occurrence of these problems. You just care about beauty, and you will give us the things that create beauty!

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New Arrival Curlety Free Mink eyelashes with Custom Packaging Boxes

Wholesale Curlety Free Mink eyelashes is the philosophy of our company’s sustainable development.We insist that people and nature live in harmony. No chemical treatment is used in the manufacture of false eyelashes. Only use a unique high temperature sterilization stereotype. We firmly believe that only in this way can the products made be completely Curlety Free and vegetarian.

For This New Arrival Mink eyelashes set .The Lashes boxes raw materials used are laser paper. The magnet false eyelash box contains 2 pairs of false eyelashes, a mink eyelash glue and a false eyelash applicator!Paired with pure white false eyelashes tray! Absolutely the next explosion in the eyelashes market! Please contact us as soon as possible to make a reservation!Custom Logo on eyelashes Packaging Boxes Avaiable!

FAQ You May Have For Wholesale Mink eyelashes


How do you collect eyelash materials?

Our eyelash raw materials are taken from Siberian cockroaches, taken from the 1-2 year old sable tail hairs. Workers comb gently with a comb every day. We choose natural hair that is shed, and then choose the hair through the roots of the workers. The peak of the mane is collected. There is no killing of animals, we believe in the harmony between nature and humanity, and the pursuit of truth.

Is your eyelashes really Mink?

Our choice of hair is 100% true water, the animal’s hair is agile and natural, with shine. Burned to ash. The fake mane is chemical fiber, looks dull, flashy, fake. Burn into pieces. Good products must have good raw materials.

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What is the Best Way to Wholesale Mink Eyelash

Congratulations to You on finding the best false eyelash Vendors Website!We are the most Professional Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer.Our 3D Mink eyelashes is very popular in the US eyelashes market.

So far, more than 3,000 false eyelash practitioners have been helped to complete the branding of their false eyelashes. And won a great false eyelash market!

What is the Best Way to Wholesale Mink Eyelash ?That is to Find a Most Stable and Professional Mink Eyelashes Vendors.

FAQ you may have for New wholesale mink eyelash Vendors


For the first time, how can I believe that your eyelashes can bring me business?

Do your best to do things well! That is What we insist on.Lashes Quality is the life!We are the most reliable production department of our customers. The uniform training workers ensure the quality of large goods is stable and the delivery time of large goods is stable.
We know that the Internet era is an era in which winners are all-inclusive, and the era of rapid expansion of brand effects is an era in which time is money.
High-quality products can bring higher credibility to customers, help customers to promote word-of-mouth, accelerate brand promotion, and stabilize the market faster and better!
Customers can receive the eyelashes in the first time and promote them online, so they can win customers in the first time, win more consumers’ collections and pay attention to the website, help customers to occupy the market faster;
Every pair of products we produce is tested. Every pair of eyelashes is perfect. After receiving the goods, the customer does not need to inspect the goods and sell them directly, which greatly saves the customer’s time, manpower, material and financial resources. The customer has no worries,
The same industry only pays attention to the interests, does not have the concept of long-term development, gives customers a low price to win orders, and provides defective products to deceive customers; or after receiving orders, looking for cheap goods to provide customers with quality, uneven quality, delivery Delays in the period, customers who are greedy for cheaper goods, have to find someone to inspect the goods, a lot of defective products, need to toss back and forth, affecting customer mood, wasting a lot of time and energy, leading to the shrinking customer market!

Do you have this eyelash as the picture shows?

Yes dear .We can custom all kinds of eyelashes you want .Our False eyelash designer could Custom follow your requirement.For More About the Custom Lashes Click Here >>>>>Custom Lashes

Can I see the false eyelashes that you can provide?

of course! Our fake eyelash images are actually taken. If you need, you can choose the style according to the catalogue. We will show you the video separately! Every pair of false eyelashes in our factory is a unique piece of art!

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How to Wholesale Mink Eyelashes?

We are a professional manufacturer of false eyelashes. Focus on custom production of high-end false eyelashes. You are very lucky to open this article and find us. Custom mink eyelashes directly from our factory. Can help you save more eyelashes profit margins.

eyelash team

Whether you are a dealer with a fake eyelash brand or just starting your career in mink eyelashes business. Our team can provide you with a full range of exclusive customization services. We have a team of professional designers to provide you with custom design for packaging and wholesale eyelashes.

Here attached some Questions for your reference :

what’s mink lashes

The mane false eyelashes are made of bristles, which are hand-made one by one according to the designer’s design. The natural false false eyelashes are produced by high-tech stereotypes.

Where do mink lashes come from?

The raw material of our eyelashes is the hairy hair that is naturally shed from the tail of a 1-2 year old Siberian siberian owl, 100% mane.

Is mink lashes are cruelty free?

Our mane is a gentle combing of the combs every day, collecting the hair that naturally falls off, and then carefully selecting the hairs with hairy peaks by the workers, and then disinfecting them at high temperature without killing.

how mink lashes are made?

The eyelashes of the eyebrows are handmade. The workers communicate with the designer beforehand. They accurately grasp the designer’s thoughts. According to the drawings from the designer, the hairs are placed one by one with the tweezers. Each pair of eyelashes contains the designer’s Thought, the wisdom of the workers. It is the art of the soul, a team creates beauty with heart…

What are 3d mink lashes

No eyelashes are on a single curvature, and different eyelashes are seen from every angle. We call it 3D mink lashes.
The 3D eyelashes are inspired by the fact that no leaf in the world is the same. No petal is the same. It is this difference that creates the beauty of nature.

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Tips For New eyelash business|eyelashes career

How to become a professional false eyelash distributor?


False eyelashes are low in value and fast in sales. It is the daily necessities of every lady who loves beauty. More and more people from all walks of life are engaged in the business of false eyelash sales. Although the cost of false eyelashes is low, it is not an easy task to do well. Below are some common FAQ about fake eyelashes that I have summarized. Personal opinions are for reference only. I hope to help your career in false eyelashes!

What is your output? What big brands are available for delivery?

Our factory was established in 2011 and has trained nearly 100 outstanding workers. We strive for excellence in the requirements of the workers. Every worker is carefully selected. They love hand-made, patient, and beautiful. In order to keep the eyelashes moving, our eyelashes are handmade, with a monthly output of 30,000, 0 pairs. High-end goods are available in sufficient quantities.

I want to add this eyelash as a gift in my cosmetic set. I need to control the cost. How much can you give me?

Our eyelashes are not suitable for gifts. Look at your budget, the price is the same as the price of normal goods!

I saw a lot of people around me doing eyelash business. Is this market already saturated, can I still enter?

The demand for the market has been constantly expanding. Whether you can enter or not depends on whether you are determined to do something. The Bible speaks of faith and can defeat everything.
As long as you find a reliable supplier, you can work together with you to develop, to think about what you can solve, solve problems you can’t solve, regardless of market saturation and unsaturated, you have a place. Is it?

I want to customize a few eyelashes. Can I achieve exclusive sales in my state? Cooperation and development (this I am considering….)

This is ok. Customized styles must have a certain amount of order. To achieve exclusive sales, you need to sell 3,000 pairs per month. We will apply for copyright and protect your exclusive sales.

There are many suppliers recommending magnet-type false eyelashes to me. What do you think of this product?

The magnet eyelashes are made to solve the problem of quicker and easier eyelashes. It is a small magnet placed between the two layers of eyelashes on the eyelashes. According to the experience of each person, some people bring the magnets fake. Eyelashes can be very uncomfortable because the fit between the eyelashes is not strong. A small magnet in the middle increases the weight of the eyelashes and occasionally damages your own eyelashes. Personal use is not recommended.

How to guarantee my sales volume?

We can guarantee the quality of the products, of course, you can also guarantee your sales, but only if you have to encounter problems and ask our marketing staff to solve the problem of end customers together. We are a team, and we should never be anxious, complaining about the goods. Ok, the sales channel is not good and the price is too expensive. We have already encountered the problems you have encountered. We have experience and are willing to share experiences. If a good product is not sold, it is a problem, not the other. We are willing to be your strongest backing. Work with you to seek common development.

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Strip Mink Eyelashes and Eyelash extensions

False eyelashes have become an indispensable accessory in every everyday life of beauty lovers. There are also many new customers every day to ask questions about different false eyelashes. The article you are reading is about the comparison of Strip lashes and eyelash extension.

Strip Mink eyelashes are easy to wear. Different styles can be matched according to the needs of different occasions. At present, our factory designs and sells more than 1,000 3D false eyelashes.Professional latex-free false eyelash glue paste, easy to remove before going to bed with makeup remover. Correct wearing and removing false eyelashes can be repeated 25 times.

One of the shortcomings of false eyelashes is that the grafting time is long and the style is single.Although grafting eyelashes look more natural and realistic. But every time you wash your face, you will lose some of your false eyelashes to varying degrees. At the same time, that will also smash your own false eyelashes.

Falling false eyelashes can cause different shapes for the left and right eyes. It is necessary to fill the vacant false eyelashes, which is time consuming and laborious.There is no such problem with the false eyelashes.Easy to wear, cost-effective, and can be worn multiple times.

Do you have any better experience tips about the daily makeup of false eyelashes? Welcome to leave a message for us to share.