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How do I Purchase False Eyelashes For My Lashes Brand

Wholesale Mink Lashes Brand Business become More and more popular in Lashes Market.HRLASHES welcomes everyone with dreams to create your own false eyelash brand !The the hardest part is getting started, but as soon as you get started, the hardest part is about to be overcome.

Today I will introduce you step by step how to purchase mink Lashes from China.

First you need to choose a stable supplier of false eyelashes. In the current false eyelash market, everyone says they are a factory-equipped false eyelash supplier. The reason is that the factory can guarantee the delivery time and style update of eyelashes to the greatest extent.
HRLASHES is a mink eyelash factory with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience.
Helped more than 3,000 eyelash brands promote their own Lashes brands.
Lilly lashes, Huda Beauty, etc
If you also want to cooperate with us please contact employee

After identifying the vendor of false eyelashes, you need to communicate with lashes vendor to choose the mink eyelash style you need for your lashes brand. Mink lashes usually names styles by length. Such as 3d natural eyelashes, 20 mm 5D eyelashes, 25 mm mink lashes, 28 mm wholesale lashes. Each eyelash will be divided according to different lengths to better express its beauty. When you choose, the false eyelash account manager who communicates with you will give you a catalog for your reference. You just need to choose your favorite mink eyelash style or the best-selling lashes style they recommend.

The general packaging of HRLASHES eyelashes is shown in the clear lashes packaging box video below. Super fast delivery!

We recommend the following packaging for novice entrepreneurs:

Acrylic eyelashes packaging box, round lashes Packaging box, shiny eyelashes packaging box. Mink Lashes Box with mirror.

If you want to customize other more high-end false eyelashes packaging box, please refer to the link below.

Every false eyelash brand starts with a small business. As long as you persist, it will definitely grow into a well-known Lashes Brand!In the next blog, I will continue to introduce you to the experience of cross-border express sharing.

Thank you for your attention! Wish you all the best

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