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If You Are Just Start New Mink Eyelash Business

If You Are Just Start New Mink Eyelashes Business,This article would help you more about Mink eyelash business.I will Told you step by step about How to Start your own eyelash business|sales line.

As the most professional, stable and innovative manufacturer of false eyelashes in China,Up to now, HRLashes has successfully promoted their own false eyelashes brand with more than 2,000 beauty entrepreneurs! Got very good lashes market feedback! You are super lucky dear! Our false eyelash product managers will use their mink eyelash marketing experience to help you better carry out your false eyelashes career!

Steps of New Mink Eyelashes Order with HRLashes

  1. Explain the difference between mink eyelash and faux mink lashes. Determine which material is the false eyelashes you want to sell.
  2. Contact the false eyelash product manager( and she will send you the corresponding false eyelash catalog
  3. Pick your favorite style from the false eyelash catalog and tell the false eyelash product manager
  4. then you will get the quote price for eyelashes. Payment method : Paypal (,Western Union(The First Name:Yuanju The Family Name:Gao The City:Qingdao )
  5. After we confirm your Payment ,the Lashes will be ship out via DHL express
  6. You will Received Lashes within 3 Days.
  7. If you Do not like the normal eyelashes packaging boxes,we could custom lashes boxes for you.

In the next article we continue to share how to complete the first customization of the false eyelash packaging box. If you come to subscribe to our website, it will be our great honor!

FAQ About How to Start New Eyelash Business


do you have eyelash samples?

Yes dear,We provide Lashes Samples to help new clients to test our eyelashes Quality.

will I be able to sample them?(means sample the lashes)

yes can Sample eyelashes first or you could make the bulk order directly.Because our Mink Eyelashes all in high Quality.If there is Any eyelashes Quality issue,We support after-sales services such as return and exchange.

I’ve just started, looking to get more info on the best ways for me to get my eyelash product etc

Glad to know you are interested in eyelash sales business!Click Here to get more info about eyelash style,eyelash packaging boxes,lashes glue also can get the eyelashes Sample pack for new client.>>>>>More Information Here